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I'm in my bedroom, looking out the window at the moon. I have the impression that my feelings are on display for all to see. If my partner were here, I think we'd have a baby tonight. I sense the immortality of my genes.
"Must be a full moon," I'll say when I sense a full moon before I realize it's a full moon. If I was correct, I always gave myself credit. The first few times, it was notable. Even so, I'm delighted it happened. It is critical to comprehend what a full moon entails. I'm not sure I get it as well as I should. I like the spectacle that's going on up there.

"Earlier, I told myself that I'll bet it's a full moon." Sure enough, there was a boom. "Wow," I exclaim as I glance up...."
It was most likely a neighbor or a store cashier. A man pumping gas on the other side of the pump would be stuck with no way out. Citizens who got in the middle of my progress and made inane small conversation. I'm sure they don't smile long enough to let me have that moment as I drive away and nod as my tires start rolling. I was able to complete the journey.A full moon has a unique meaning for me. I get to claim a slice of the pie. My zodiac sign is Cancer. They refer to us as Moon Children on occasion. It has always piqued my interest. I imagine her as a man. It's the Man in the Moon, of course. It's a mother gesture of safety, nourishment, and comfort.

I can't recall a single moment when I wasn't relieved to see her. I've witnessed some spectacular moons. A Grateful Dead event at the Cal Expo comes to mind. It was a hot summer night in an outdoor amphitheater in india. A scarecrow served as one of the show's stage props. It was a colossal scarecrow with a skeleton inside and he was holding a large stem in his mouth. It became lit up in an orange glow as the evening progressed, and it appeared to be alive. The setting California sun in late summer, with some pink, orange, yellow, red, and ultimately crimson and orange falling down into the straw coming out of the scarecrow's hat, was visible over the shoulder of the stage.
He had an awe-inspiring and respectful expression on his face. The scarecrow appeared to be joined by a gently rising full moon, which was aided by a low and wide approach from the sunset. The moon appeared to be taking its time. It was a heavenly experience. Yes, I was on acid at the time. I'm sure the scarecrow was as well!

I witnessed The Fixx perform Crimson Skies At Night beneath a setting red sun in Fresno. They were followed by The Police. Sting had us all look up because it was entirely dark with only a full moon overhead, and he introduced us all to her. She's the size of a full moon. Sting's bass entrance starts in the middle of a sentence, boom boom booooom. The performance of Walking On the Moon lasted 20 minutes.
I'd seen her come up over Mount Diablo a couple times from the Berkeley Marina. On a full moon Friday night, I spent the night on the side of Mount Diablo among howling humanity. My companion had recently purchased a Mazda Miata, and we snaked our way up the canyon until we found a tent spot, where we listened to hundreds of people talking all night. There were a few standouts, including a drunk serious guy and a shouting girl. He'd begin to say...and she'd scream from the other side of the hill. Coco puffs would make this crazy guy koo-koo. There was never a moment when the sound was silent.
There was always something to listen to.

I'm curious whether it's similar to what insane people hear.
I'm starting to wonder if the voices I've been hearing lately are just from evenings when I forgot to turn off the TV.
My father's mind was boggled by the idea of hearing voices. "Yeah, dad," I tried to explain it to him. They're referred to as "thoughts." They're all around us."My 35-year-old know-it-all self attempted to talk from a position of 35-year-old wisdom. Nobody ever explained the true meaning of wisdom, voices, or insane to me. You can't just go out and buy an album or attend a class to learn about these things. These are things that must be sensed before they can be considered real. Some parts of each of us are aware of the truth in this situation. It's sometimes difficult to distinguish between crazy and sensible. I feel the moon has been present to see the events as they have unfolded for us as humans, as well as for me as 'Jim.' I have the impression that the moon is more than just a rotating slice of a massive pie.

When I see her out and about with a couple of her neighborhood friends, I know they're talking about me.Even if Saturn appears to be right alongside Venus and the Moon. When you consider the distance between them, it's easy to lose perspective. Nonetheless, they exist. I'm being mocked. Jealousy is a strong emotion. Scheming. They're not going to fool me. I'm far too intelligent for that. So say the voices in my head. Serious Guy is ready to speak up....but (screaming girl yells) what does the scarecrow have to say?
I understand. Scarecrows, on the whole, don't converse. Just keep it a secret from the crows. They're currently discussing me over on the other field. In that large old olive tree, there must be a hundred. They appear to be working for the moon, in my opinion. They try to deceive me. They don't seem to be interested. You're ignoring me. I'm not buying it. Very nice try moon.

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