Welcome To Fantaesia: The Inkwell Fiction Prompt #11


The day started on a positive note. The sky was bright, the weather was warm and the atmosphere was cheerful. I woke up early and in the right mindset for my presentation.

I worked for one of the biggest movie studios in the country. For over five years, I've been a VFX artist, helping out in major blockbusters our studio produced. But I was only helping.

This presentation offered me the chance to take the lead and be top dog. I wanted to be in charge of anything CGI(Computer Generated Imagery) in our upcoming movie.

There were two of us aspiring for the role, and we were both good. So, in the spirit of fairness, the producers and director of the movie had given us the script and told us to create a perfect world around the story. And we were encouraged to be creative.

I set to work.

The script told a story of a union between the world of fairies and humans to battle evil goblins set to take over the world.

So, in creating a perfect world these characters could coexist in, I had to merge all worlds.

In the world I created, there were skyscrapers for the humans, castles for the goblins and beautiful trees and flowers for the fairies. Weapons of destruction were also in the world, weapons like guns, wands and dark magic. And to crown it all, I put in two suns, the usual one in the solar system and the other one to help the fairies fly.

There were cars and planes, warlords and dark lords, healing and poisonous herbs. Anything that could be found in the perfect world of fairies and men.

I took extra care to ensure I didn't cause any change to the setting as depicted in the story, no matter how creative, it would surely be a no-no.

I spent over two weeks working day and night on my laptop, trying to perfect it. Every time, I was removing something or adding something else. And as the day of the presentation drew closer, I could feel fear and tension begin to take over.

I didn't let it. I focused on making the perfect world.

And today, as I raced through the building towards the Conference Hall where the presentation was to be held, I could only look forward with hope. I was dressed in suit, my laptop was in a school bag which I held by the strap. I was looking to make an impression.

At the Conference Hall, the top brass of the studio were seated, from the executive producers down to the casting director. They were already waiting for me.

"Good morning all." I greeted, my voice sounded firm but I was shaking with nerves.

I quickly set to work, connecting my laptop to the projector and setting up the white screen.

"Let me introduce to you," I began, adjusting the knot of my tie. "A land of man, goblins and fairies, of skyscrapers and castles, a land of bazookas and sorcerers. I reveal to you, Fantaesia."

I flicked a button and the video presentation began. Encouraged by the looks on their faces, I went on. Explaining how I had created the world and how each creation would affect the story and boost sales.

At the end of my presentation, I disconnected my laptop from the projector and watched them expectantly.

"We will get back to you shortly." One of them said.

I walked out. My rival went in to give his presentation. And knowing how good he was, I was really scared I would lose.

The movie that was about to be produced was a high-budget one,featuring A-list actors and the best director in the industry. Working as the lead VFX artist on this could shoot my career through the roof.

I needed this.

My rival came out fifteen minutes later from his presentation. And as we waited for the board to deliberate, we sat in silence. There was nothing we could say to each other.

"You can come in now." We were told thirty minutes later.

Leaving our laptops outside, we walked back into the hall. We stood before them, as contestants before judges.

The chairman and CEO of the studio, also an executive producer of the movie adjusted in his seat, looking very relaxed as he studied us.

"We're spending so much in this movie, so you understand why we need to be sure we're working with the best of the best."

We nodded, there was nothing to reply to that.

"You both did amazingly well, I have to say. It was a bit hard to select one. But eventually, we came to a decision."

At that moment, I held my breath, his next words could change my life forever. Beside me, I felt my rival tense up as well.

"We'll be working with Fantaesia."

I wanted to whoop with joy, my legs buckled with relief. But I tried to keep my face straight and my voice neutral as I said, "thank you sir. I won't let you down."

"You can go now." My rival was dismissed. He left the hall looking a bit downcast. The chairman looked at me, "as for you, come take a seat."

With shaky legs, I walked over and took a seat at the table. I felt on top of the world, I was feeling like the top brass of the studio. I knew this was the beginning of more work and more responsibility, as was usual with promotions. But it was also a stepping stone to getting to the pinnacle of my career. I had to relish this small victory.

"Congratulations," the chairman was saying. "You are now that Head VFX artist on this movie."

I could only nod and smile, I couldn't wait to have my name displayed in the credits of the movie.

"Now, to the order of the day."

And as we began work on the new movie, setting off to create magic, I reveled in the feeling it gave me. That feeling of creating a world...

And finding it useful.

The End

This is in response to The Inkwell Fiction prompt for this week: World building. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading.

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