Secret Society of Protector Cats: The Inkwell Prompt #15/ Cats-750 words.


I was hurtling through the night sky, the wind lashed against my open eyes, my furs stood on end as gravity pulled me. As the ground rushed up to me, I set my legs and landed gracefully on my paws.

As the cat that I am. I always land on my feet.

I was in a dark alley, it reeked of dead fish and other forms of garbage. I scanned the environment as I waited for my feline sense to kick in, I could feel the heat in the atmosphere, the air was stale and still. The moon shone in the sky, surrounded by millions of stars.

It was a beautiful night to go hunting.

Just then, I felt a tingle up my back bone as the feline sense activated. My eyes widened and my nose's ability heightened. I felt my blood pressure increase as my body system began to work double time. I could feel the gravity in the earth and the flight of the birds up above. I was ready.

And suddenly, I was running. Slithering through trash cans , over roof tops and fences, then across open fields. I encountered other cats but I ignored them. I was not like them. I was special. And I had a duty.

My paws were silent as I hurried across the town.

And suddenly, a huge rat dashed across my path.

I stopped at once, my natural instinct overcoming my training. I saw the rat run into some shrubs, upsetting them. But I could see it was a poor hiding spot. Despite the headstart, I was sure I could catch it without breaking a sweat.

I hissed, parting my legs as I got ready to delve into what could only be a glorious meal. Nothing like eating a sumptuous meal at night under the full moon. It hits different. And that was when my Supervisor's voice rang in my head.

"It's all about timing. You get there too early, someone else sees you. You get there a second late, the child misses you. Either way, you ruin her birthday."

"I won't." I had promised. "I will not fail."

"You had better not. Because you will be coming back here and it won't be funny for you."

And now, with sadness, I ignored the meal. And with an equally sad meow, I resumed the race.

I was on my way to make a little girl's birthday memorable. This was her eighth birthday and the powers that be had deemed her a good girl. So I had been assigned to be her protector and friend. But I had to do so in a way that won't blow our cover.

I had to pretend to be a stray cat. This is the part of the job I always hate. Why couldn't we pretend to be the President? Or even a pilot? But a stinking stray?

My supervisor had let me know that if done any other way, the Secret Society of Protector Cats would be discovered. And there just wasn't enough cats to go to all eight year olds in the world.

And now, quietly gliding through the night, I stopped before a modest duplex. The interior was well lit and I could see lots of people moving about. I knew what was going on, it was the girl's birthday party. And they were just rounding up.

Still using my feline sense, I searched for her. My trail led me to the side of the house. I climbed up an hibiscus flower and looked through the window.

She was sitting on the floor, apparently alone as she unwrapped her gifts.

Taking a deep breath, I let out my most beautiful meow and began scratching the window pane. She turned and saw me. She smiled.

She hurried to the window and opened it.

"Aww... You're so cute." She whispered as I flashed her my big cat eyes. My supervisor said humans couldn't resist it. Apparently she was right. "Are you lost? Or a stray? I can't see an owner's tag."

She gently took me in her arms. I sighed contentedly as my instincts assured me I was in the right arms.

She was the one.

"Today is my birthday, do you know? You could be my birthday gift."


"I'll call you Mira."


And we began cuddling. I didn't know yet how her parents would react, but for tonight, let me do my job and keep my little charge safe and happy.


The End.
This story is in response to the Inkwell prompt Cats: 750 words. It was a challenge, but somehow, i was able to hit the 750 mark. Feel free to check it out.
Thank You for reading.

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