A joke


Glancing at the TV screen her impressions didn't change. To all the viewers this looked like a joke or sentimental drama but in reality, it wasn't. Aaliya recalled the time when she heard about the marriage proposal. Like other girls, she was also shy and hid in the bedroom till the guests were gone. She was sent to his new home with tears and good wishes. All this looked dreamy but she wished she wouldn't wake from this dream.


On the first night, she realized her husband was addicted to something Later she found it wasn't her, Rayan was addicted to drugs and he became dead and psycho we he didn't have it. Besides this, everything was fine unless she discovered the fact that the Rayan family already knew this reality. Then why did you marry him?
He was young so we thought the girl would change his life, her mother-in-law told her.
She spent nights thinking about these words,

If your son is a scoundrel why do you think his wife would change him? If he is addicted to drugs what an innocent girl will perform who has dreams about a successful marriage. You are neither training your son nor correcting him, why because his wife will change his life.

She told her mother and Rashida told her that something broke. Just like other mothers, Rashida told her daughter to win the heart of her husband's faith with soft words.

Aaliya did everything; she cooked the best food for him; dressed up in his favorite clothes, fascinated him in each way but when she attempted to restrict him from drugs she received slaps and abuse.


It kept happening till one day she received good news. Till the birth of Hafsa, most of her jewelry and dowry were sold as Rayan lost the job because of a non-serious attitude. The night's spenightse performing chores on other homes was the worker for Aaliya, nights were spent on such dresses for earning. Each day ended with slaps. 10 years passed the struggle to save the relationship and for survival. She wasn't performing all this because she was instructed. The reason was her offspring and somehow Rayan too. He loved him because he was the father of her kids. She did everything to make Rayan on the right track no matter what society said about her. Life was not much smooth till the black day arrived, Rayan screamed the words which broke the relationship of 10 years.
Get out of my house. I divorce you.


For a moment everything stopped for her, Hafsa and Zaid looked at the mom. Few ladies came and took her out of home but this was her home where she spent nights in stitching dresses, tears were slipping down her face. Her mother's home was not open for her and the in-laws didn't accept her.

Open sky, a divorced lady along with 2 kids were standing alone

In the next few hours, she was rescued by a kind person. How she spent her life was all related to struggle. Earning money for the secure future of her kids. Taunts never left her alone. Some said she was the reason that innocent young people were addicted to drugs. Some marked her marital life failure. Everything she listened to was painful. But still, he was satisfied as she had someone for whom she can spend the rest of her life. Hafsa supported the point that such relationships should end where there is no mental association. But Aaliya has no words to justify her viewpoint.
Yesterday she recalled all the times when she turned on the serial, I divorce you. For viewers, it was just a joke or drama but in real It reminded her of the pain she had in her body being tolerated to prevent herself from this black spot of divorce.


Behind the story;
These thinking are teasing me;

  • If a guy is incorrect, after marriage he will be corrected, please if you couldn't correct him in 20 years how the girl can do the same within a few years. Don't marry your spoiled children at the mercy of God.
  • Divorce is being indicated on media as a joke but the one who has to go through this hard time know better,
  • It takes a long period of buildup to a relationship but moments to smash it.

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