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IKE Strengthens in Force...

IKE 10172021.PNG

...Eyeing HELL Difficulty...

IKE 10162021 lvl.PNG


Although longevity was not consistent in last nights stream, quality came second to none. With utilizing only a short amount of time (given the late start), we were able to successfully run two solid MF (magic find) runs with IKE. Having the Countess (Act 1 : Black Marsh - Forgotten Tower) in our crosshairs, we accomplished getting the runes needed to complete 3 separate rune words (Ancients Plague, Spirit and Lore). Granted, these rune word items are generally for lower level characters, it's a huge upgrade for IKE!!

Below are IKE's current stats (Nightmare difficulty), at of the time of writing this post

IKE stats 10172021.PNG

IKE adv stats 10172021.PNG

IKE's mercenary stats, at the time of writing this post

IKE merc stats 10172021.PNG

Additionally, the continued massive support that continues to pour in each and every stream though VIMM & from curators on PeakD from groups like @ocdb, @hive.pizza, @hivetrending, @hivegc and individuals like @trey50daniel, @ddrfr33k, @ciderjunkie and @thebeardflex is absolutely astounding! Thank you all, those mentioned and not, for ever-so-gracious, kind and constant support!



In addition to the gameplay re-cap, I have a community update! On 9/25 my Twitch community successfully completed my challenge!


They were able to raise 15k stream coins within the given time, thus unlocking a DINNER NIGHT stream!

I'm pleased to announce the date for this event to happen has been determined. Come Sunday, 10/24, look for the meet-n-greet dinner with the family!!



As always, if you have not already done so, come show me and my ever growing community support. All that we ask is that you drop by my twitch and hit me with a follow. It's easy to do, helps me in achieving my goal(s) and is completely free for you to do! So, what are you waiting for?!!

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Last 3 Stream Stats & Analytics

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Join us as we progress trough this new chapter of Diablo 2: Resurrected! Come jam out with us, enjoy the good vibez with dope underground tunez!

and don't forget...


...Stay tuned!!

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Current Status on Becoming Partner on Twitch.TV

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Haters gonna hate...

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...But at the end of the day

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