About the Programming Community

Hello, and welcome to the Programming community. @xves has convinced me to make this post about why we exist and to answer some commonly asked quwstions. I am no writing prodigy (in fact quite the opposite), so let's just get down to business.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The Programming Community is intended for a much broader set of posts than say HiveDevs who focus on Hive. We take any sort of programming related-posts here. It doesn't even need to be code. As a general guideline it should be one of the below:

  • Open Source Code you've used/made/found that could be useful (with an explanation as to why/what it does to show understanding if not your own work).
  • Software you made (even if it's not open source, just share some Screenshots or maybe a live demo or something)
  • dApps you made or found (which don't have to run on Hive, but Hive dApps are perfectly acceptable. Ideally said dApp should be developed by you or of some benefit to developers)
  • Tools that you've made or found (anything that can help out devs or something that you've made that you'd consider a tool)
  • Libraries (maybe you've found a really cool library which you think could help hiveans, you can share it here with some information).

If you're not sure, you can always contact me on Discord (CADawg#3984) or Just Post It™ - The worst thing that could happen is we'll give you feedback on what's wrong with it, and you can either correct it or if it's off topic of this community, we may mute that one post. We aren't going to mute you from the community for one little mistake. We all make mistakes, don't we.

let me = "answer your FAQs";

What isn't acceptable in this community?

The usual, such as Plagarism, spamming and scamming aren't allowed here. Obviously as a dev I do understand that some things can only be represented in a few ways, and that is fine. That doesn't mean stealing all the wording from the documentation is okay though!

What do we like?

Original Content that shows your understanding of what it is you're writing about and why it's useful to software devs or if it's your own software, your understanding of it as well. We aren't trying to assess you and please don't let the big bad FAQs Scare you off!

I use an obscure programming language

Go ahead. I've seen plenty of new programming languages (to myself) being introduced in this community, and it's really interesting and great to know of.


Yup, they're on the community page somewhere. Please adhere to them 😁

I am a mod, but how?

I think you're an active user who writes good content and cares about the community, or you volunteered and I picked you.

I want to be a mod.

Show you care for this community, and you'll have a chance at being promoted. You can always ask!

I am a mod but I don't want to be

Just tell me and I'll remove you from moderation of this community!

I don't like u @cadawg


I am Klye. What am I not allowed to do?

Do not try to take over the community again. Thanks!

Thank you for reading and Code on! CA
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