Fuzzy : Open-source link shortner

So, it's been almost 2 months since my last post and i wanna start posting again ... So i thought about writing a post about a custom link shortener i made a while ago.


Don't expect anything big from the UI though , it's just plain old bootstrap. I wanted it to be as minimal as possible ... so, there you go.

Why make a link shortener in the first place !!??

I mostly made this because it's easier for me to remember the links ....

For example i usually code using jsbin ( without an account ) in the cloud and jsbin gives me a random string ( like i can remember the whole thing ) ... but it was much easier for me to remember https://fzin.ga/?jsbin other than something like https://jsbin.com/grguvfbvdffd/edit?output ( The random string was made by me banging on the keyboard so don't expect it to work !! The first link works btw ).

Gimme the code 🧟🧟 !!

Okay !! Okay !! i guess i've been blabbering for too long ... You can find the code at Github/fuzzy-invention.

I did the the link shortener on a whim so don't expect any bells and whistles to it.

Fun Fact : The front-end is hosted on IPFS !!!
Check out on :