Long Weekend Break

Long Weekend Break


The past weekend was a long weekend in South Africa, with Friday being a public holiday. We were invited to a wedding, in the town of Mossel Bay, in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. We flew down on Friday morning and decided to drive to Brenton on Sea, which is about 50 km from the airport, but in the other direction of where we were going.

The reason for this is that we recently bought a piece of land there, and we wanted to go and have a look again. We also went for lunch at the hotel in Brenton.

My wife had a cocktail, and I had a local Craft Beer, from the Red Bridge Brewing Company. We both had a delicious pizza for our lunch.


The hotel is almost sitting on the beach and we had a great view while enjoying our lunch.


Below is the view from our piece of land, the bushes in front is on our piece, thus if we take it out we will have a nice sea view, in the distance. We are really looking forward to one day build a house there!! At the moment we don't have the money for it, but we have a goal towards which we are working, to make our dreams come true!!


I will still write a few more posts on the great weekend we had.

I hope you liked the post as much as I liked writing it.

I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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