Weekend Life of Roadies - Fun Drive & Enjoyment !

A weekend gets special when we get a chance to travel. After almost a year, I get into a Road trip cum Work trip or travelling. Actually my nephew who is into PR profession asked me to accompany to a new place which is more than 300 KM far. He is also a vivid travellor. So two to tango, we make a quick plan and soon we are zooming on the national highway.


Well...Well...before hitting the road we must ensure to take proper blessing of elders and also being a Vishwakarma Day to please the God a safe journey. So we have our good luck charm and deity worshipped inside the vehicle.


It was a fantastic dsy for travelling considering, clear blue sky, alongwith nice weather and being Vishwakarma dsy, most of the vehicle remain off the road. As per the tradition here in India, people use to worship the god of engineering and all motor, machine, vehicle and iron related things. Infact most of the heavy industries remain shut for the day. Anyhow the day does help us in a smooth ride on the beautiful National Highway of India.


It was long journey and covering that much distance will going to take around 6 journey, as Google maps indicating on our mobile. Like everyone, going to any unknown places, we took help of Google, in finding the best route. But we made sure to keep enjoying on the way. It's better to travel long distance by small halts at regular intervals. And in between, we have many famous things to explore.


Like this kheer Mohan sweet shop at Chauparan a place on the way. This is kind of sweet balls and very famous out in this area. There were many shops along the road, and my nephew is not going to miss the opportunity, not even me.


After enjoying, the famous sweet balls and refreshing ourself, we again hit the road exploring the nature. It was pleasant journey, however some accidents on the way did make us bit scared and the fun dull. However thanks to the nature all along the way. It keeps us motivated and excited throughout the way by sending g good vibes.


Lunch Time:

After good 2 hrs of drive the hunger started to make starving. Avoiding many roadside eateries (dhaba) we found a gpod looking restaurant on the way. And decided to give us and the vehicle a break


After refreshing, checking the menu we ordered Rice & Chicken Curry. Only thing which we found worth eating from the entire menu list. After a good half n hour break and filling our tummy. We were on the road again.

Soon we were blessed some rain, making our drive bit hazing. But thanks to low traffic it was not dangerous, we easily manage our way.


As we're to travelling to some unknown area, we happen to see many new things. Especially the Hindu temple. Some of them very beautifully and well structured. We didn't give enough time to these places. But just wish for good trip.


After a long and tiring enjoyable ride of 6.30hrs. We manage to reach our stay. It was an old building built around the British rule. Infact it was built in 1931-32. The lighting and maintenance of the compound put us back to life. We were again pumped up to explore more.


I think there were many things to detail about this building. Still standing tall and handsome at one of the scheduled location of India. And I will definitely put it in best of my words.

Btw forget to introduce you with the Red Devil....our best pal in the journey. TATA TIAGO. A hatchback Indian made four wheeler very comfy in ride.


Will be ready to write more.....but we have many things to cover in our short yet adventurous journey. And sharing on Hive. Hope you enjoy this little trip. ...Enjoy!


Namaste @steemflow

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