A Weekend Evening With Kids.

It is always good to spend some quality times with family. Afterall they are the one who stands with you all the time. Spending time with kids is more important, as it helps them to understand the world and also basic important things in life.

Also it is important to show them real world and take them out occasionally so that they can live life outside the virtual world. Which I did this weekend. Happily taking them out for a break to nature which turns out to be a trekking and adventurous day for all of them.


As we werr moving towards the jungle, the kids got excited seeing the small pond along the road side. In no time everyone reach there to play with the water. They throw stone, they splash and they enjoyed.


Actually, we were taking them to the rocky mountain terrain in jungle so that they can get some physical activity too.


Looking g at the big Boulder, two of our nephew get excited and hurriedly trying to climb on it. It was dangerous, but looking at their skills, I could not stopped them.


They move each step with caution but like a pro. It was energetic act and they don't it with so much ease. I only kep looking at it standstill.


From.one to another. They reminded of monkeys. But they are like a professional climber who keep on climbing on top and they slowly get down by themselves.



We were already far away from main road, and a good distant. We were already tired but the kids aren't. It make us to yell at them for getting down. But looking at their agility, it make us revisit our childhood. We used to do same things. No fear no worry, simply enjoy life.


As we were moving home, I snapped few more snaps of the Boulders. Or the beautiful nature that we have.




At the end It turned out to be a fulfilled evening, especially for the kids who enjoyed and happy by doing some adventurous task. It was one of the weekend to remember....


Namaste @steemflow