Engage the Weekend : Hunting for Nature


For this past #engagetheweekend adventure, we decided to take a family trip through a local preserve, yet again. It dawned on me during my first week of the new job that I do indeed spend a lot of time outside. Every time I met new a CPA, banker, or even fellow employee, the question was always asked: "what do you like to do for fun?" My answer was always the same, and said "we like to do hikes, observe wildlife, collect wildflowers, and chase bumblebees." I'm sure most thought, "what the hell is this guy on about?" I get it; I live in an area where fishing and deer hunting reign supreme, so for a person in his mid 40's to respond to that type of question probably does raise some eyebrows.


Yet it's the truth. My wife and I have consciously made an effort to get outside as much as possible with our daughter since we brought her home. Now that she's four years of age, getting outside to look for sunflowers is that much more exciting for us than ever before.


As some of my fellow Hive friends may know, I fell in love again with nature during COVID last year. It was my escape; it was our Hattie/dad escape too. During those three some months where we all were home, working from home, watching our daughter..being outside was something we all cherished. I, especially, cherished those outdoor adventures with Hattie as we looked for ferries, birds, wildflowers, and insects.


If you happen to go way, way back with me, back to the days of waves across the moon or even obscure references to science fiction Gnosticism...well, that stuff doesn't really matter to me anymore (and if you don't know what I'm talking, trust me, don't ask...) Sure, it was fun at the time, but at the end of the day, it has no relevance to me any longer. I find much more value in hugging a tree with Hattie than I ever did running some song title through a nonsensical gematria "decoder." Again, I hope you have no idea of what I'm talking about, lol! And if you don't, you are better for it!


Not to say that mysticism still doesn't pique my interest. It's just a different type of mysticism that I appreciate...maybe a more authentic type of mysticism that resonates with my being than anything before.


I've been reading the book *The Secret History of the World of late. Written by Mark Booth, it can be a bit dry to read, but I did become more engaged with the text when I got to Chapter 2, A Short Walk in the Ancient Woods. I'd try to sum it up in my own words, but the author does a much better job than I could. He writes of the ancient adept of the Mystery Schools:

  • To such a person, the wood and everything in it was alive. Everything was watching him. Unseen spirits whispered in the movements of the trees. A breeze brushing against his cheek was the gesture of a god. if the buffeting of blocks of air in the sky created lighting, this was an outbreak of cosmic will.





That passage resonates with me,strongly. It's a feeling I yearn to get back to when I go for my morning walks, and I really would love to know that Hattie gets to that perspective too. It's a deeply satifsying world view, (in my own simple opinion, of course!)


With that all said, thanks so much for stopping by to read my rant! I promise, there will be many more of these to come. The adventures are just beginning for us, and I look forward to sharing them with my Hive friends.

Question for you, too, dear reader. Has our life changed since COVID? In what way, shape or form? Or have you been able to adhere to your previous life and keep things stable? Or have you too found meaning in something new (or refreshed) in life too since last year. I'd love to hear any shares below. Thanks again!

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