This weekend delighted millions of hearts..

Hey dudes, this weekend makes the life beautiful and the happiest occasion of my life is being contributed with you, I assure all of you that a little stuff regarding this weekend will be loveable for you. I hope! A short context must be clicked on a like button to be given a ballot.



It is 2021 the heart was hopeful again but the mind insisted is our team really capable of clinching this? Heart said," whatever, I can't oppose what I love." And then Shaheen with his strong talons grabs Rohit and Rahul to dismantle the opposition. Hopes were high then.


Babar and Rizwan continue the historical domination and Babar hits shami for two runs and, it was not a dark room this time, it was my temper mate Fairy Infront of me and I hugged her to feel the joy, to let the flow of tears rain from my eyes, to let the loud roar reach across the border.


Images are taken by me also edited by me

I went straight into Sajda to thank Allah for rewarding us for the patience we had since we saw Pakistan losing against the arch rivals. Babar, Rizwan and Shaheen you owe me lifetime love

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