My Weekend Gist - A Ludo Game Saturday

My weekends have been fun for me since I started making plans for it to be so. Like I had said before, Saturdays have become a day for more chores and laundry for so many but I try my best not to let that happen anymore. And I now look forward to weekends because of the rest, the weekend engagement contest organized by @galenkp and the freedom of mind to plan for a better week.


I was chanced enough to make a new hairstyle to prepare for the new week, you can see me flaunting my new hair. I'll be busy with the new week so I made sure to make my hair yesterday and relax today and tomorrow for the busy Monday. I couldn't get a good picture of my hair but I hope it's still okay.

Now to the fun part of my Saturday, the ludo battle game with my neighbor. I want to believe you know how the game is being played, can't explain so much about it so I don't bore you somehow. It's a game that can be played by two or four persons and we were two available so we decided to play a few rounds. I reluctantly joined the game because I couldn't remember the last time I had fun by playing games but it was worth the try.


The ludo game battle started well for both of us as we were all smiles and getting what we want at some point but having little regrets at some other point. I won the first two rounds and I really can't experience my joy, how I felt at that point. It was like a comeback for me, where I made a mark on history because I haven't played the game for long.


Here is an highlight of one of the rounds we played - I'm the player with red and green houses. If you're familiar with the ludo game, you'll see that I can say I have the whole game in control to making another win for the third time. You can imagine the face I was giving at this point - The victorious face. My opponent was like "She might get lucky and win in the end" but I didn't believe her, I had everything in control to give her another win.


From here, you'll see that she won the game. I really didn't know how it got to the stage of us hoping for a dice play to win. Well, she got the number she wanted and won in the end. I felt like going another round just so I could win her for the third time but the other round made our game a draw game (2 - 2). The game was so much fun, we laughed so much and I felt really good in the end.


I had some oranges after the game as I was preparing something for lunch. Everything just made me felt so good and I've been smiling all through since this morning. The weekend hasn't ended yet but I can say very well on Monday that my weekend was superb.


Anyone who don't mind can come join me let's devour one of the weekend meals 😂

Thanks for reading!!!

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