Morning Brunch and Coffee with my Dad

Morning Brunch and Coffee with my Dad

With my Dad at this amazing Chocolaterie where they also serve Brunch

I met up with my Dad this morning for some brunch and coffee at a restaurant called Melt.

Melt is actually a chocolaterie, that also serves as a brunch type of restaurant. They have some amazing items on their menu such as a chocolate shot, which has a shot glass made of milk chocolate which is then filled with liquid chocolate and you take it as a shot like you would with an alcohol shot. It's extremely satisfying for any chocolate enthusiasts out there!

I ordered a smoked chicken sandwich on rye bread that also had avo and mustard mayo.
Rye bread with smoked chicken with an avocado and mustard mayonnaise

@galenkp calls Brunch - lunchfast - quite a catchy name

My dad had a waffle with syrup.

Waffle with syrup

The Melt logo

To drink we both had cappuccinos and my dad also ordered a health smoothie filled with health ingredients such as:

swiss chard
romaine lettuce
beet greens
carrot tops
collard greens

The Green Juice - healthy option

Tonight I am going to the Drive-In with Kiara to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, which is a movie I love and the cool part is that they serve food at the Drive-In so I will make a post on the delicious food and snacks we get to watch the movie tonight!

This has become a favourite with us as we get to watch old classic movies and eat some great food.

Until next time ...

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