Blog #78: My Saturday Night Date | Playing Splinterlands With My 6-Year Old Godson

Hey Hivers!

Supposedly, I went to the southern part of Cebu yesterday morning to have something for the blog but since I got hooked on the splinterlands, I only stayed whole day at home. That's why I don't really like to get addicted of anything because it could definitely lost one's self-control. Just like what happened to me for the past few days. The game really occupied my time.

How did you spent your Saturday night? Were you at home or attending parties (but I don't think so if partying is already allowed this time but maybe in some other places). Well, I supposedly sleep over in a family friend's house last night, I got an invitation because her daughter would be turning 18 on Monday but they celebrate it today. I refused because I only wanted to focus of this splinterland thing (lol). I'm sorry folks.


My brother and his whole family was away from home and they would come back tonight. That means I was alone at home lastnight but hey someone visited me and he was my date on a saturday night (lol).


He is not new to my blog since he already appeared few times here. By the way this kid is a gamer (but with limitations and guidance since he is still young). He is a fast learner.

When he got to know that I will be purchasing a summoner's spellbook and explained to him about that he was more excited than I.

Four days ago I did purchase a summoner's spellbook. I spent many hours playing however, I lost the game many times. Sometimes when I got tired this little boy will take over and play. He knew how to play the game since we both watched the youtube tutorial to learn some tips and tricks of the game. It was really helpful and I also told him the tips and the tricks of my friend who was also helping me to understand how to play this game.

It was funny how this little boy reacted when we only got 12 mana, when we lost the game and when we won the game. While playing this game with him I am also motivated to learn more since he learned the game quickly compared to me. He could easily memorize the powerful heroes and sometimes he suggested to me which heroes we should pick. It seems that he has a photographic memory.


I prepared a simple foods for us so our brain cells will be properly working (haha just kidding). He kept telling me that his favorite fruit is apple so I gave him a few slices of apple and some chips.


We both enjoyed the night although we lost the game many times. The funny thing was when we lost the game he kept telling me to rent a powerful card. Oh I was amazed, he really understood that we need a powerful heroes in order to win the game. Well, that was how I spent my saturday night with this little boy.

How about you? Hope you had a great weekend. I would appreciate if you comment down below. Happy Sunday Hivers!

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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