Things I do every Sundays



It's me mixing the dry ingredients preparing to marinate the meat(I washed my hands three times)

I will share with you all guys, what I did last Sunday before I went to church. First, I woke up early to help my mother at her restaurant in the market (Dalaguete) because her staff was having a day off. Before I went to the market I prepared something to wear for church this afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. When I reached there, I help her with her doing chores, such as cooking and preparing the ingredients.


That is my mother frying _ngohiong_ or sort of lumpia in a different version.



These are our variety of viands, we have pinakbet or different vegetables, chop suey, pork adobo, string beans, and soup. After that about 2:30 o'clock, we prepared vegetables for tomorrow before we will close. Next time guys, I will teach you all how to cook them, how about you? what food did you know to cook?



_Senior San Guillermo de Aquitania, Dalaguete, Cebu_


After I Entered the church I knelt down to pray to guide my family in what they do every day and I hope I will be forgiven for all my sins. By the way guys, I also serve in the church. I'm a collector or a gift bearer. I joined because they don't have enough members, and also since they're getting old, and the others have retired, so they have to find someone to help them, so my grandmother recruited me so I can serve in our church. I wasn't hesitant to be part of it. I've been a collector or a gift bearer for about 1 year now, and I'm also happy because I am the one who's serving God, even without a replacement, Even at first it was difficult because I don't have much confidence, but time goes on I build my self-confidence, how about you? Do you serve in the church?

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The mass was over. I first visited the sea wall just opposite the church and the view there was also beautiful. We took a picture and we had milk tea at Kioskkoffi Cafe where you can see it near the Plaza seawall. There are street foods here and also they have a night market, so what are you waiting for? Visit Dalaguete Cebu! How about your place? Do you also have a plaza that is similar to ours? Share it too.

That's all for what I did last Sunday. I hope you like my story and thank you for reading.

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