I Got Small-Fish in Fishing at The Weekend

My Weekend


Every people has its own way at the weekend. Many ways that we can do such as sightseeing, shopping, eating with the family, a visit to a tourist place or doing a hobby that can not be done because of work or study. One of the activities that can be done on weekend is fishing.

This weekend, I went to fishing because I've not had time to do this hobby. For many people, Fishing is the activity that is boring. Because to get the fish, it is actually very easy. We buy into the market, and there are all kinds of fish desired.




A lot of people say, fishing is an activity for those who are patient. For people who can't wait, it will probably feel tormented while fishing, but for those who love precisely, fishing can be to the reflection of the routine activities that create stress and monotony in working days.

I go fishing at the fishing pond, the distance is about 35 minutes away by motorcycle. A fishing rod is a means to lure the fish that is deliberately created by humans. This facility is a good alternative for everyone who have a hobby of fishing but have limited time to travel to sea or not find the river proper for fishing, especially for people who live in the city, the river is already heavily polluted.


The atmosphere of the fishing pond is still very lush and green, around a lot of shady trees that add to the impression of nature in this location. But, I have to concern not get a lot of fish today, because the weather on the day is very hot and my experience while fishing when the weather is very hot, the fish in the fishing pond don't want to eat the bait.

I use the fishing equipment standards which are commonly used by anglers some of the rooms, the reel that functions as a roller and a container of strings. Fishing rod function is to help the fishing and protect the hands from the strings of fishing line. Hook is the main tool, because the bait will be put fishhooked and then the bait will be eaten by the fish that are caught by the hook. Furthermore, the strings are an important tool, because without the strings won't be able to fishing, in addition to the strings to disguise the bait in the water. To bait a fishing rod, I bought at the fishing pond. I use a pellet fish mixed with water.

I Got It.


Actually, my fishing lure eaten but jolt rod I always failed to get the fish. I am sure, that takes up my bait is a type of small fish. And not for long, I get the fish. my prediction is right, the fish I get small-sized and the type is Nila fish or Tallipia.
Masukan foto abg dapat ikan.

I fished for 2 hours, and only get a few small fish. For me no problem, it's the most fun when fishing is to see the bait moving when the start of edible fish, and perform a jolt to pull the hook. This is an activity my weekend this time. How is your weekend ? is it fun ?

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