Sunday-One day

It was Sunday morning and the sky above looked like it's promising good weather. I took advantage of it and went out for a walk. There is something about walking that gives me a pleasant feeling. I delighted myself with the beauty of nature around me.

Next month, I will sail and leave this place again. I don't have a choice but to take that route. I badly want to stay in this place but I also need to find a job. I am a civil engineer and opportunities come in big cities.

When I was a kid, I only dreamed of a simple life, I visualized myself as a happy person and believed that I could live in it forever.

When I was in high school, I didn't give myself time to think about what I would be when I grow up or what career I would choose. Life just came at me so fast, the high school year ended leaving me uncertain of what road to take. Suggestions came from here to there and I landed in the civil engineering department. It was all fine that I took everything for granted until I graduated and got my license.

I became an adult and I saw what the real world is. My dream became so hard to achieve, seems like not all simple things are easy to obtain.

Welcome to adulthood

Welcome to adulthood! Where everything is for you to decide and face the consequences. I thought being an engineer means I got a hold of my time but I was wrong all along. Mathematical equations didn't teach me how to live life.

My first work. I got my first job and it wasn't easy because I was the only engineer in the company aside from the owner. From the proper implementation of construction projects, I also got my hands on purchasing and computing my team's salary. The phone calls of come here and go there wherever you are also drained me. My wage was deducted during rainy days-no work, no pay, and rainy day, deducted pay. I was only earning 400 pesos/8 USD per day ( 1 workday is 8 hours) minus 3-5 hours of rain when unlucky equals I have to diet the next day because I had bills to pay.
My second work. I resigned and look for another job in the province of Cebu, fortunately, I found one. The compensation wasn't high but it wasn't low compared to my previous job. I was okay with it even the pressure from opening the office door to leaving for home was massive. I still found myself surviving every day but after a month they required us to offer two hours a day - meaning we have to work for extra two hours without pay every day. Long hours with heavy workloads led me to productivity downturns, I knew I wasn't effective anymore. I think the time was on my side that moment, the company I worked for hired several engineers so the designation of each engineer was still to be finalized, I decided to ask our manager to transfer me to the production team, and thankfully, I was heard. I was so glad that time I got to see the sunset outside, the pressure was lesser and I got the best workmates. I was happy with my work until the day came when engineers from another department resigned so I was transferred to the operation department. It was alright, I was also excited to learn something new till such a time when we needed to overtime every day. We need to work 17 hours per day. The lifestyle of working from the hot day till the cold night and the lack of sleep got my health so bad. My sight started to get blurry and my hair started to fall excessively.
I decided to resign and look for another job, luckily, I got one. I prepared for my working requirements but then the pandemic came, it was hard for me but I gave up the job offer.


A year had passed but I think my body still hates me.

I still have to work for my future but I promised to take it easy.

With all the thoughts running inside my head, I hadn't realized I was near our house. I went straight to the kitchen and brewed my tea. I sat on the porch and closed my eyes.

I know my dream will be fulfilled one day.

Life is hard without money but life is much harder when health is compromised. The world won't stop and wait for us if we get sick. We shouldn't jeopardize our health over a job that would replace us in an instant.
Work hard, love yourself harder.


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