Weekend-engagement week 68: Phone photos or make a meme

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There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.

Ansel Adams

This week I wanted to roll out something super-easy that everyone can get involved with. There's not much to it so take a look at the topic below for how to get involved.

The #weekend-engagement concept is simple; respond to the topic in the comments below then stay around and engage with others - On Monday 27th September I'll split some hive between a few who respond to the topic in the comments below.

Weekend-engagement topic week 68

➡️ Option one: Drop a phone photo & tell us about it

It doesn't matter what the photo is as long as it's taken with your phone and you explain the moment, the subject of the photo or why you decided upon that particular one. You can post holidays, people, food, hobbies, nature, animals, scenery, architecture, automobiles, your weekend exploits, selfies...It's your choice. Make sure the photo is yours though and that you explain it or tell us about it in the comments below.

➡️ Option two: Make a meme of a photo you took

I don't care what the meme is, but funny ones will clearly be better. Take one of your photos and make a meme of it and drop it below.

❌ Don't drop links to external posts
❌ No stock images - Your own only
✅ Answer in the comments below
✅ Be creative and have some fun
✅ Engage below in the comments

Read this bit so you know what to do.

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That's the topic folks; you have until Sunday night to get your response into the comments below and I hope you'll stay around and get friendly with some of the others who participate as it'll be good to see you around over the weekend. Have a great weekend whether you engage or not though - Life's too short not to.

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