Weekend-engagement topic week 62: Skills you have or want

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Skill: The ability to do something well. Yeah ok, I get it although I like to think about it a little differently. For me a skill is anything I can do whether I'm an expert at it or not; sure that probably doesn't align with the dictionary definition but who cares right? original im src

I have skills that are honed to expert level, most probably do. I almost have skills of the other kind, the ones that I'm not so good at but achieve a degree of competency, or sometimes not [I'm terrible at Jenga for instance.] There's also skills I don't have but would like, again, probably like most.

That's me up there playing with power tools; I was doing some modifications to my trailer that day using a few skills I've picked up over the years. I came across the photo this week, a selfie I took a few months ago for someone, and it made me smile because...Well, you know, a man and his power tools - No matter how badly used. Need I say more; Tools! It made me think about some of the skills I've got though, and the many I do not have and I figured it might make a good topic.

The #weekend-engagement concept is simple; respond to the topic in the comments below then stay around and engage with others - It's about engagement and building relationships so get involved, engaged and have some fun. On Monday 16th August I'll transfer hive to a few who respond to the topic and comment below.

Weekend-engagement topic week 62

In the comments below either tell us about:

➡️ A skill you have - explain it and drop an image if you like.
➡️ A skill you would like to have - explain it and drop an image if you like.

It could be: Sports, technology, culinary, photography, technical, practical, craft, emotional, personal physical-skills, work-related, recreational, artistic, musical, gardening, outdoors, coaching, writing...Literally anything really, just tell us about a skill you have or would like and explain it.

✅ Drop your answer in the comments below
✅ Add a photo if you would like to
✅ Explain your answer please
✅ Be creative and fun, or boring and uninteresting - Your choice
✅ Get engaged with some of the others who comment
❌ Do not drop links to external posts as your answer

Read this bit so you know what to do.

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That's the topic folks; you have until Sunday night to get your response into the comments below and I hope you'll stay around and get friendly with some of the others who participate as it'll be good to see you around over the weekend. Have a great weekend whether you engage or not though - Life's too short not to.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

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