A weekend in the Botanical Garden, one of the most beautiful places in Maracaibo-Venezuela🌻

I tell you that this weekend was great, I visited one of the most beautiful and touristic places in my country, Venezuela, in the state of Zulia, specifically in the Maracaibo Municipality. It is a very pleasant 2 or 3 hour walk to be able to walk quietly and enjoy all the flora that is presented. It is very well cared for and signposted.🌳

Definitely a place to rest from the heat of the city. Beautiful and varied route, with views of Christ and the route of the Palms, I think it is highly recommended. Bring repellent - There are free public water fountains.

There were many mosquitoes, so I took a repellent with me, in the rainy season in Maracaibo, I was seeing the artificial lagoons, we can visualize their hundreds of floras and many natural things, really very beautiful

I recommend this beautiful place, even though Venezuela is not in its best moments but its beautiful tourist places such as the botanical garden offer you beautiful natures and make your mind explore a little!

Now yes, I ended my day very happy, I brought some leaves of our beautiful national tree, the Araguaney, with its beautiful and bright yellow color.

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