Sunrise at Noosa and our experiment with natural light

We just returned from a delightful long weekend away at Noosa Beach. I wanted to visit friends I hadn't seen in more than 4 years and with no travel restrictions within our state at present it was time to take a mini holiday.

My partner and I both love early mornings and since catching up with my friend on Friday afternoon and hearing all about the impact that light has on our wellbeing, Brad and I have decided to double our efforts towards getting up at first light and going to bed soon after sunset.

It feels a little bit radical or even crazy to write such a thing; surely the use of electricity to light up our home at night is a good thing? Surely being able to watch TV shows, or go out for dinner, or enjoy some kind of night life is the whole point of being in a country where we have that option?

But what we were learning is just how important it is to our wellbeing as humans to have blue light enter our eyes during the day and only red light (as produced by a fire) at night.

To shift our behaviour towards living as humans would have before the advent of electricity is going to take some work. And people are going to think we're crazy (especially some of my family and night-time loving friends) but we think it's worth it. And that's all that matters.

Here's to more energy in the mornings.


Here's to more early morning walks in beautiful places.


Here's to being out and about in nature catching the best part of each day.


We've survived just fine up until now doing what we've always done. Now we're curious to see how much our experiment with light can help us to truly thrive.

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