Benefits of Writing

Each person chooses Hive for different reasons, I chose Hive at first to practice my writing skill which has helped me a lot in daily life. This weekend is still in lockdown here, therefore, I have time to review myself in writing and I would like to write down my personal advantages and hope they bring you some inspirations to continue your sharing here :)


Writing helps me to understand myself better

The fact that most of us think we understand ourselves, however, please ask yourselves like I did, "Hey, how are you feeling? Why do you look like that? (tired, sleepy, lost, etc.)” If you falter, it means you don't understand yourself as you think you do. Writing, as a particularly personal way, helps us to confront our own thoughts like an outsider. My high school teacher used to say: "Writing well is understanding yourself. Reflecting on what you wrote will solve all your problems.”
Personally, I did join a writing journey consistently for 3 months and I found many changes from outside to inside. You may do the same and surely you will be surprised by your writing skills and thoughts.


Writing helps me understand people

Aristotle used to say, "think of yourself before thinking of anything else". That means when we understand ourselves deeply enough, we will also have the same connection with others. Because anyone, thing, or phenomenon has an oscillation frequency and an energy field. Whatever frequency we are at, we will meet that frequency in life. If we don't understand ourselves, it will be difficult to connect with others.


Learning by heart so FAST!

Writing is a way of output information. In order to make an interesting output for readers, your input must be strong enough. Therefore, reading and observing surroundings are skills that I practice every day and slowly they become natural habits and thanks to that, it pushes my level of knowledge acquisition more and more "incredible".
In conclusion, if we don't understand ourselves, we will not notice what special today is, we don't learn from difficulties, nothing stays in our head and so how can we write and inspire people right? ;) Just a small detail or new discovery that makes you say "aha" counts as input. Let's take that as "a great advantage"


Creating Mental Value

Regardless of whether it's a sad or happy story, depression, or winning lotteries, you can create the "work" of your life. Writing is an art and the writer is an artist. No matter what the work you write, it is worthy of respect. You always have your own substance, so let everything flow under words.
Even good writing not only helps you get all the above benefits (understanding yourself, understanding people, learning quickly) but also can inspire the community, changing the perception of many people in need. Being a writer who is willing to give value, you will be more and more steady on your journey.


Anyone can write something, and anyone can write well. It's just that they have the will to write down or not. I can do it, you can do too. As long as you believe in yourself and persevere with the fire in you.


P/s: Thank you Trang Mun for your inspiration

Have a great weekend💛

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