Lively weekend ^°


Somehow weekends are not the end, these are the signs that you are efficient enough to spend the holiday. Hehe, I remembered the time when on weekends I awoke even without an alarm and before mom's awake call lol.

I told my mind that it's Sunday but still not listening to me😒 in these days not my heart listens to me nor mind follows my instructions. So how my life is going 😁 it's going smooth because the heart is supplying blood and the brain is regulating body actions 😄 believe me these are the functions of both don't know why we put an extra burden on them. Let's jump to see how I spent my weekend,
In the morning I woke up early and prepared breakfast for my family. It's not easy to handle 2-3 things.

At one stove I was making bread, on the second one tea was boiling and apart from that, I was mom's chat. Hehe in brown families weekends are meant for the family visits thereby we have to clean the home as there would be the arrival of prime minister 😂 imagine if the prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan would come to visit me 😉 he would Ayesha here is your appointment as foreign minister enter you would want to go write it down. Without wait, I would be written Turkey the city of my dream 🤭 Ayesha and her partner wondering in the streets of Istanbul ahhh😍🤫


How the weakened would go inflow without studies 🙄 as I am super confident for having the best presenting skills thereby I took 3 assignments and 1 presentation for this weekend. When I started studying I felt my heart heavy lol🤣 does each student has the same feelings?


But after taking a few lectures from Youtube I was satisfied that yes Ayesha you are a good teacher as you have concluded an** 18 page** lecture into 4 sheets hehe how genius I am.

Mom prepared Biryani in the afternoon and how I can say no to the biryani. I guess no one else Pakistani would commit this sin of denying the Biryani offer. The rest of the day was spent with plants. Like what 🙄 zoologist killing time with plants hehe I can't spend my time with animals because they hurt me😬 injury nope they leave me alone. Planted tomatoes and green chili but preparing the soil bed wasn't easy because at the same place the mint plant had grown before my fingers got itchy.

After all, I did all this with bare hands.
And last but not least I slept without telling my loved one and he kept waiting for me lol here are the few lines I have dedicated for someone.

My moon doesn't only shine at night
He brightens up my soul more bright
No matter how far I go
He knows how to bring me to right
My heart beats fastly
Whenever I have his sight
The relationship as soulmates
Only love but no fight
I forget about the surroundings
Whenever he hugs me tight
Love is unconditional for us
Having no limits only height
My eyes only search for him
No matter its day or without light
My love, I want to become your part
For sure from the doubt of might


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