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Motivation for weekends hehe for me it's not about the rest or wandering in the search of peace. Somehow it's all about exploring myself for building my confidence and relationship with others. So nowadays it's all about completing the assignment, finalizing the home chores following my way, and then spending the best time with loved ones. In recent days I kept traveling but now it's time for me to invest all my time in managing myself and my home too. Covid made me lazy but as we all have
I never woke up till that time and but nowadays I love to do this😆 may if symptoms of some disease lol.


Imagine you are using books to restrict the light lol. Somehow I did this to get sleep. Dad came and said Ayesha is using books for enjoying a strong nap🤣
Washing the dishes relaxes the mind yes it does but when you are singing songs. Believe me, it's the best work. I have sung almost 13 songs so imagine how many dishes would be in quantity hehe to take a rest for an hour and this rest includes typing and recording voice notes.


The best work you do is the mixing of detergent in water, I love to do this as it makes bubbles while washing clothes lol. Maybe others will love to play with bubbles while relaxing in the bathtub.


Do you like to tease someone by taking the name of his/ her spouse? To be honest, the sadness on the face of someone gives rise to butterflies inside me. Thereby I kept life affairs confidential as I knew when others would do the same with me I couldn't control myself then.
Lamarck theory was being objected to following postulates;

An animal can acquire the characters based on desire,

  • If giraffes face difficulty in browsing the trees, how can they develop the stretching of their neck phenotypically?
    But it's fun if you want to develop something really interesting just by yourself( genetically it's not possible)


I would like to increase my height 😂 I want 5.4 or something else but I am not satisfied with the one I have now. Yesterday while I was discussing this point I got the best response, you have a short height so that you can hear my heartbeat hahaha. That proud moment when you are accepted for everything you have.


Can't describe the feelings now but somehow I felt the butterflies around me lol.
So the remaining day was spent with books, laptop and research project and here is the thing which assisted me to study. 🤩 we call it Nimko and it' type of snacks.


While finalizing my thoughts about the weekend here are the few lines dedicated to someone, (along with these beautiful flowers)


You are my pearl
You are my world
The messy hairs look cute on me
As you love more curls
My simplicity is my decency
That's why I am distinct from other girls
When I am having time with you
My heart got a swirl
You are the light of my eyes
I am afraid of dark hurl
I am enclosing you
As you are my pearl


It's my first post in this community, I tried to make you laugh by reading describing the things I have done during this weekend, if you have enjoyed it do share your views. Thanks for reading.
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