Maximizing Hive Rewards With Second Layer Tokens: Guide to Second Layer Tokens Tags on Hive

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This article aims to provide an easy to reference list of tags that can be added to your posts in order to maximize your earnings on Hive through Second Layer Tokens.

Credit for Inspiration For this post to @bitcoinflood for their post here. It gave a me a great springboard to think about these concepts and then really dive in and expand the list quite a bit.

I've expanded the scope of the tags/tokens covered, updated descriptions & links based on what I could find, and added direct links to related Tokens for each of the projects (with links to their pages)

Overall, I think I've put about 8-9 hours of research into creating this version. I've read through all the whitepapers I could find and really did my best to make sense of each of these communities/tags.

IMPORTANT: Did I miss something? Did I get something wrong? Please let me know in the comments, I plan to keep this post up-to-date even past the rewards payouts.


Understand before you tag.

Check the tag's intended usage before throwing it on your post.

Here's a few reasons why:

  1. For the good of the community, make sure you're not "muddying the waters" by associating tags with irrelevant content.
  2. Many of these tags are moderated to ensure they're being used correctly. If you step out of line you may me removed from seeing any rewards of some of the tags.
  3. The best way to maximize your earnings REGARDLESS of the tags you use is to put content in front of people that want to see it... the right tags for the right content will help the right people see it :) The wrong tags will just put your content in front of people who don't want to see it (so they wont vote for it)

Start With Tags/Tribes That Best Match Your Content

I've done my best to add clarity to what these tags should/can be used for based on what I could research from these communities.

When you're choosing tags for your post, I highly recommend that you start first with the tags that most closely match what you're creating content around, then expand out from there to the more general tags after.

Tip: Check Your Pending Payouts Using Hive Engine Tools

This great tool from @themarkymark lets you check your pending payouts so you can see your potential token earnings across all available tokens for your posts.

Here's the link to access Hive-Engine Tools:

Here's a post from @themarkymark that explains the pending rewards checker: /@themarkymark/new-hive-engine-tools-pending-token-payouts-feature

The Tag Reference List Grouped By Category


These tags/tokens don't fit neatly into one group specifically. While there is nuance to these tags that may make them not apply to every post... they can generally fit with most post types.

Site Name & LinkTagReward Token (And Related Tokens)Description
Proof of BrainproofofbrainPOBProof of Brain is a pure 100% Proof of Brain (PoB) token. The only way the token enters circulation is through PoB rewards that are earned by posting and curating content. POB can be burned to promote your post on
PalnetpalnetPAL, PALM, PALMMCommunity devoted largely to helping new users of Hive. Rewards can be earned through use of the tag, though most of the rewards have shifted toward staking and mining tokens.
AeneasashASHToken issued to help launch the Aeneas blockchain. Front end is general in topic.
ArchonarchonARCHON, ARCHONMGeneral posts. Archon itself is devoted to developement, ideas, and automation build on Hive.
NeoxianCityneoxianNEOXAG,NEOX, NEOXAGMGeneral purpose content and a high token supply.
BroadHivebroadhiveBHTThe Broadhive project aims to build a community of millionaires, talents, tech developers, and enrich evolutionists. Content appears to be general.
BilpcoinbpcBPC"The tribe for everyone." The main subjects are money music gaming life but you are all welcome to share what you like but strictly ( no spam will be accepted).
LasseCashlassecashLASSECASHLasseCash rewards content Anarchy, Crypto, & Truth (per their website) Looking through the general content and other posts on Hive, it appears that their Truth Content is Flat Earther Content. Though it looks like general content is accepted.
TribaldexTribes, hive-engineBEE, WORKERBEECommunity devoted to Hive-Engine, Tribaldex, Tribes, and Outposts. Seems that general posts are accepted to use these tags.
CENTcentCENT, CENTGGeneral Content community. Token's aim is to offer a high-volume, liquid cryptocurrency for Hive-Engine users, investors and traders. It offers high liquidity for small traders and large value investors.


Site Name & LinkTagReward Token (And Related Tokens)Description
LeoFinanceleofinanceLEO, LEOM, LEOMM, MEOWLEOCommunity and content devoted to Finance and Cryptocurrencies.


Site Name & LinkTagReward Token (And Related Tokens)Description
SplinterTalk.iospt,splinterlandsSPT, DEC, SPS, PLOT, TRACT, ORB, SLDICE, ALPHA, BETA, UNTAMED, TOTEMC, TOTEMR, TOTEME, TOTEMLSplinterlands focused community. Articles should be related to the game in some way. SPT currently can be used to buy SplinterTalk NFT art & also contributes to Splinterlands SPS airdrop points.
Battle GamesbattleBATTLECommunity devoted to Blockchain Gaming and Digital Collectible NFT's. Airdrops NFTs to token holders.
1up.zoneoneupONEUPCommunity dedicated to Blockchain gaming, especially Play-to-earn & NFTs. Cool aspect of this community is that they automatically follow many of the other game's community tags like spt,dcity,nft,nfts - so you may already be earning ONEUP from your current posts.

Movies and TV

Site Name & LinkTagReward Token (And Related Tokens)Description
CineTVcine,cinetvCINEFilm and TV tribe. News, reviews, basically come and post anything you want to do with your favourite movies and TV.


Site Name & LinkTagReward Token (And Related Tokens)Description
Click Track ProfitctpCTP, CTPM, CTPSBCommunity of people focused on Marketing, Business, Entrepreneurship and Connecting these things to the Blockchain.


Site Name & LinkTagReward Token (And Related Tokens)Description
SportsTalkSocialsportsSPORTSThe SPORTS token fuels the SportsTalkSocial community by empowering stakeholders to reward quality sports content with future token distribution. SportsTalkSocial is a social platform where everyone can be rewarded for creating and curating sports focused content.


Site Name & LinkTagReward Token (And Related Tokens)Description
WeedCashNetworkweedWEED, WEEDM, WEEDMMWeedCash is a token for cannabis and psychedelic enthusiasts. First token to have SCOT bot enabled with a Nitrous front end, so you can earn WEED by staking, posting, and curating cannabis and psychedelic content! Use Cases - Buy WeedCash branded gear, CBD products, hemp flower, and smoking accessories with WEED at - Spend WEED on WEED Fests and earn WEED from WEED Farms on - Spend/burn WEED by promoting your post on

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Site Name & LinkTagReward Token (And Related Tokens)Description
Build Itbuild-itBUILDBuild-it is a DIY and Handmade tutorial craft content sharing platform that leverages the Hive Blockchain.


Site Name & LinkTagReward Token (And Related Tokens)Description
Creative CoincreativecoinCCC, CCCMCommunity focused around creative arts content. Art, Music, Writing, Poetry, etc..
Music4LifevibesVIBES, VIBESMCommunity focused on creating content around Music.
ReggaejahmjahmJAHMCommunity focused on Reggae, Hip Hop, Caribbean Culture & IRIE vibes.


Site Name & LinkTagReward Token (And Related Tokens)Description
StemGeeksstemSTEM, STEMMCommunity about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathamatics)


Site Name & LinkTagReward Token (And Related Tokens)Description
MemeHivememeMEMEMEME tokens reward quality memes posted on the Hive platform.

Personal Development/Positive Mindset

Site Name & LinkTagReward Token (And Related Tokens)Description
We Are AlivealiveALIVE, ALIVEMGerneral uplifting community focusing on a positive view that even if times are hard, we are still Alive. Only specific post types are accepted, please review this page for clarification.

Hivelist Marketplace is setup as "An Honest Place to Buy Products and Services Using Cryptocurrency"

It's a marketplace built on the Hive Platform.

The tags you can use to earn LIST need to be used in specific ways to be awarded properly, otherwise you risk your posts being downvoted to zero rewards. I've summarized below, but the full explanation can be found here.

hivelistThis tag is the overall hivelist tag and is only meant to be used if you are posting about the Hivelist platform itself such as promoting the platfrom and advertising your posts there.
classifiedsUsed to show that your post is a classifieds post and show up on community
forsaleIf you have an item to sell, make sure to use the 'forsale' tag in your post! This can be items you have on an outside store, or linked to your store on Hivelist.
contestsThe 'contests' tag is one of the more popular tags and is meant for users to promote any contests they are holding. (Not to be used for contest results posts)
servicesUse the services tag if you are advertising a service that you offer.
gigsThis tag is to be used for promoting any job or gig you may be offering or in search of.
eventsThis tag is to be used when you are hosting or promoting some kind of event.
fundraisingThis tag is used when you're raising funds for anything.


What I have missed? Are you aware of more projects with tags that earn secondary tokens that people should be using? Let me know in the comments!

My plan is to keep this up-to-date even after rewards are paid out.

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