Will not welcome me? My intro post for Hive community

Hello Hiveans!
Right now I am in the process of learning but I will not disappoint you"
This is my intro post for Hive community. I will tell you how I introduced with this with this wonderful blockchain..


I belong to Asian country India. I am native of Eastern India. I am just 17 years old and making preparation for IIT JEE.**
Today I created my account ( @waverunner) with the help of #certain who is a popular user of this blockchain.. Recently I introduced with him through twitter. I checked his Twitted post and was curious to know about Hive..


My original name is Vishal. I want to create my account with original name but it was not available, already allotted.. After that I requested #certain to send some suggesting name. Then he suggest me to create account with @waverunner. According to my career this account name is perfect for me. I am a **dropper Science student for IIT JEE. ** I take a drop for JEE because I was not prepared for join entrance examination. In my childhood I had cracked J N V entrance exam after a year study of that school I leave it. In my childhood I was Interest in tech field, so I want to graduate in technology. In tech field better collage is that IIT, so after intermediate I start preparation of join entrance exam. During in my preparation I also cracked many collage entrance exam like BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY and many type of NITS collage. During in pandemic situation my exam JEE has been postponed. I want to consume each moment of time that is why I decided to join this blockchain.. It is not just about earning but from here I can learn everything that is needed in technology world. My tendency is already in tech world. Along with study I pleasured play sports like chess, carrom, etc.



My initial time I used to repair some electrics gadgets, devices like landline phone, mobile,TV, transistor, fan and so many others daily basis uses gadgets.
After that I started to work about programming. For I try to learn from various sources. Meanwhile I continued my preparation for IIT. In leisure time definitely I would like to play CHESS that is my favourite one game.
My tendency is towards reading/listening poems of ancient book and my life's aim is to make a influencer and a person which have knowledge in the field of tech. Because technology has played an important role in mankind. Everything from the small things of humans to spaceships.



To be honest I am pursuing especially Bitcoin previous 2 years.. Since I am much interested in technology, so time to time I check current affairs. That time I was aware about Bitcoin and searched about it.. Recently I also read news about banning crypto special in my country.. I was curious to know more about it. After that I read so many article by the specialist who is putting their opinion about cryptocurrency..I was surprised that from all around the world, so many people were in the favour of crypto.. I found that there is something special in cryptocurrency market.. Finally I get a chance to connect with the crypto world..Most countries have validated crypto currency. In coming year these digital asset will be the main source of exchange. I am bit hopeless that my country taking too much time to make a clear decision about cryptocurrency..



To be honest till few days before I was unaware about hive.. Two day before I got a tweet from #certain in which he mentioned about a game and also Hive too.. My main focus was about the game. I checked the game link and I found very interesting but there was no any idea, how I can play it? Spending one day finally I decided to ask about it. He briefly described about it and said that it is a decentralized platform where anyone can put his effort and get some reward as tokens & cryptocurrency.. He also tell me that thi gaming platform based on Hive platform.. He told me everything about HIVE and also pave the way how can I create an account here. Finally I am here with you with the account 🌊runner.. I am very grateful to certain who provide all information about this blockchain.


I am a good listener. Slowly and slowly I will learn everything that can be useful for this blockchain journey. This time I have no exact idea about it but it is true that no one can be experienced suddenly. By the time I will try to learn everything with you guys experience related it. I feel thrill to work among the abroad people..
I am very serious taking my new task that is of course Hive. Soon I will gather more information about it and try to put my best through vlog and blog.. If there is someone to help definitely one can get experience soon.. My theory is "slow and steady wins the race" I have to work on the basis of this theory.. I well know that Rome was not built in a day..
Finally I would like to say thank you to everyone for your encouraging support and words. Please let me know if there is suggestion please provide and if there is fault please give right suggestion, so that I can improve that..
At the end just I would like to say "will not welcome me?"
Thanks for your patience and reading this post...πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ€πŸ€πŸ™πŸ™

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