The combination of Gaming + NFT + DeFi = Next Crypto Bull Run 📈

Hello HODLers,

I have been writing a lot about my understanding of this new bull market.

First was DeFi, then NFTs and now we have Gaming + NFT and DeFi + NFT + Gaming trends !


As we can see below most of the Top searches on CoinGecko are related to Gaming in some way. I have to dig more information on Chromia as it seems like a base layer for multiple gaming project.

Another thing I realized, BSC is the main chain for these new small games popping up. Binance is clearly supporting a lot this blockchain sub-sector.


CoinGecko's Top Search



Another game that I tried out and invested in. For now the token exploded upwards but I spent a lot of those to develop my account.

It seems we will be able to stake the pets at their price value so I guess this is not lost. Since a pet cost 3 $DPET, worst case scenario I will just stake them to get some RoI once staking is launch.

The team said they should launch Bosses very soon to try out the combat mode. I also learned that the team was composed of c.30 people !!! Exciting !



ZooGame: DeFi Platform + NFT Gaming is a Yield farming platform with some tweaks to it such as you farm keys that allow you to open chests in order to get some NFT Cards.


These cards are used to farm the Zoo currency (native crypto). In the future they will be used to battle each others for prizes.

These cards can already be sold and bought on their marketplace. Very interesting concept and I am currently farming these keys at 800%APR just by pooling BNB and USDT. Low risk and at least some rewards if I stay for a few days.

I did not want to join when $ZOO was 6$ thinking it might be too high but now it is c.$20. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes down. The dual tokens and systems are very exciting. I will develop more on this in the future.


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