My experience with BitClout after 24 hours


Yesterday I wrote my thoughts on BitClout and shared it on Twitter.

I was mostly doing some research due to the recent buzz of it on Hive, so I was mostly just looking around getting some analytics of different things going on and get a better understanding of the platform. For example, I was looking at how many active users there are, how many clouts/hour, how many celebrity profiles claimed.

Then I noticed I was holding 1 $clout, and after I did some digging I noticed someone gifted it to me. 1 $Clout is worth around $100 and allows you to kickstart your account by buying 10 of your coins. So I did just that, and bought 9.9 of my coins.

Doing so, brought my coin from $0 to $30. At this point my founders reward was still at 100%, which means all tokens purchased go to the creator (me), this is the standard setting for new accounts so no one snipes their token while it is at super low prices. I then set my founder rewards to 10%, which is considered the "norm", meaning I get 10% of what anyone purchases of my coin (in $Clout).

I stepped a way, did a few things around the house, had dinner and came back and noticed a few people already purchased my coin. It is now worth $130.91, with a market cap of $2,731.

Looks like a few people bought some coins while I was away. In the process I earned 0.9 $Clout, or about 90% of what was used to purchase my initial 10 tokens (Thanks whoami!). I was planning on purchasing more of my coin, I just didn't decide on how much yet, that's why I wanted to keep my founder rewards at 100% until I decided.

I'm still learning the ropes, and trying to answer a few questions and get a better understanding of the platform. I play around with one of the features called Diamonds, they are like micro tips where you can tip Clouts (basically a tweet) a micro amount (0.01) of your token in addition to a standard "like". This is sometimes responded in kind by the author where they give you a diamond as well basically trading your tokens. These diamonds are not worth much on a small account, but on a larger account they can be quite a bit of money (upwards of $100).

So far I have received two diamonds, and given two diamonds.

The first one I sent was on accident, I clicked diamond to see how it works and it sent it without any prompt.

Right now the only creator coin I earn is my own, but I have started buying other creator coins to buy into other creators potential net worth. So far my account has climbed almost 800% in a day and I haven't even spent a cent of my own money yet. I will likely move some Bitcoin in soon, but I am trying to get some comfort with the platform first.

I purchased two creator coins from two Hive members.

It seems a bulk of the boost was from CreatorFundMicro, what seems to be an account used to help out new users to the platform.

My biggest concern right now is the amount of active users on the platform. That can be a blessing and a curse, either you are early and will make out like a bandit, or you are hanging around a ghost town and just screaming in the wind. Only time will tell, but I decided to put some time into it to check it out.

If you want to check it out, you can find my profile here. I have been noticing a few Hive users giving it a try.

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