CUB Airdrop: Leo Is Going To Make Us Wealthy

Things are moving along hot and heavy with Leofinance.

Many are awaiting word on #ProjectBlank and when that will be released. Today, we got an announcement post, yet it was not regarding this application. Have no fears, it is still on tap, just this one has jumped ahead of it

LEO token holders were alerted that they are going to get an airdrop. Again, with the delay in #ProjectBlank, we are unsure of when that snapshot will be.

What we do know is that within the next 24 hours, there will be a snapshot of all Leo Power and wLEO in the liquidity pool. Those tokens will be eligible for the CUB token.

This is a Hive-Engine token that applies to the Binance Side Chain. Since the two cannot interact directly, the H-E token can be thought of as a coupon. The next announcement will reveal the details about how it applies to BSC and what needs to be done.

Here we see the establishment of the foundation for Cub Finance. This is a platform that is going to be build over on BSC. We can expect applications and features similar to the DeFI we see on Ethereum. The advantage with BSC, much lower transaction fees.

From the announcement:

In all seriousness, CUB is a DeFi-based smart contract application on the Binance Smart Chain. We've adapted a collection of smart contracts and Binance protocols to build an entirely new application for the LeoFinance ecosystem.

This new application has in-built mechanisms that collect revenue and burn both CUB tokens and LEO (bLEO) tokens. It will also feature bLEO pooling and token lock mechanisms (as a replacement to the Geyser).

We will also see applications that are becoming popular on BSC.


So why is this going to lead to enormous wealth?

To start, bLEO is going to provide another pricing mechanism for LEO. Just like the wLEO liquidity pool provides a situation whereby the price of Ethereum can help the price of LEO, bLEO will receive similar benefit from Binance.

Also, being associated with that platform, the branching out extends in another direction. One advantage BSC has over Ethereum is the fees. This is where the DeFi potential is greatly enhanced. Ethereum DeFi is becoming a rich person's game. With the fees going so high, basically one best be playing wiht large sums of money. The same is not true on BSC where the fees typically run under a dollar per transaction.

Ultimately, one of the main goals is to drive traffic back to Targeting the area where we will likely find a lot of DeFi users could net tremendous results on this front.

We also see the idea of Cub Finance emerging as its own ecosystem. While tied to Leo, it is a separate project. This means that the development there could foster a great deal of growth. BSC is known for having DeFi projects with market cap in the tens of millions of dollars. This is no different from Ethereum. The money is there as exemplified by some of the yield farming applications.

If you will, the way I read it, think of Cub Finance as the platform upon which other DeFi applications will be build on BSC. These will likely mirror much of what we see on Ethereum such as Curve and Compound. The idea of locking up tokens is a big part of this as exemplified by the total value locked stats posted on different sites pertaining to DeFi.

However, we need to keep all of this in focus. This is not shifting things away from Leo but, rather, back towards it. Everything that is being done, now and in the future, will lead to assisting the value of LEO.

From the announcement post:

LEO lies at the center of our entire project. When we launch new applications - #ProjectBlank, #CubFinance, etc. - we want them to tie directly into the LEO token economy and our amazing community. How exactly we tie it in will become abundantly clear when Cub launches and when ProjectBlank launches - which are two very different platforms but have the same mission: expand the LeoFinance economy and userbase.

A few weeks back I wrote a post about not selling any LEO. There is a reason for this. While not knowing what the specifics of any of these projects, I did grasp what the team is trying to do. All that is done is meant to grow Leo, meaning more components put together, each feeding the larger organism.

There was also an article discussing the Leo ecosystem going to a billion dollars in token(s) value. This was posted understanding that many project will be rolling out, most (if not all) tokenized. CUB is just another example.

In this end, this token will serve as the foundation for CubFinance, the DeFi platform on BSC. So while it appear, on the surface, to be separate, it is actually part of the larger picture.

To fully what is taking place here, it is vital to start linking together the pieces. This is not about one application, one blockchain, or one area of focus. Instead, it is the totality of tools that are being provided to people once they enter the Leofinance ecosystem.

As token holders, we are positioned to benefit. As this expands through development, the appeal is likely to be tremendous. Between finance and social media, we are looking at two major industries converging and Leofinance is placing itself, at least to a degree, at the core of it.

Thus, when you look at token(s) appreciation, if the development continues in the direction we saw so far, we can presume the value will just keep building.

Here is where we see the separation from a lot of other things out there.

It is best to focus upon the totality of it all, not just one or two applications.

That is where the real money is at.

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