How did I get to Hive and why am I still here?

The Universe has got my idea!
Some days ago I was thinking...OMG this year it will be 4th Anniversary since I've come to Blockchain world. I'll have to make a holiday post about it in June.

But it seems to me @themarkymark has made me do it faster;)
I always check blogs of my friends here, and I have seen Nainaz's post devoting to this initiative

Wow! What a nice chance to feel nostalgia - I thought.
When we look back to the beginning of our stories, we always feel it, right?


So, How did I get to Hive and why am I still here??

If the 1st part of the question is an absolute luck and Universe's signs, then the 2nd part is an absolute law and heart pleasure.

So from the very beginning.

I was (and actually I am;) very far from everything connected with Cryptos and Blockchain. I even didn't know such words!
I was a young mom with a 2-year old child, and I knew nothing except breestfeeding, walking, upbringing, know all these mom's things;)

One day my husband saw a post of one woman in the Russian social net that she earned money making posts somewhere in the Cryptoworld.
It was Golos - Hive's Russian clon.
He pushed me to try because I worked as a copywriter for a long time, and writing was my good skill.
I tried....and yes, it was amazing and even profitable! There I earned my first BTC parts.
But I had to leave it because I was hated by the local leaders. I wrote in on eof my posts that I was from Crimea and it was Russia then, not Ukraine any more. All those who hated President ended my story there very fast.

I knew that there was an Engish version of Golos but I was afraid to try and begin because of English. It was very poor, and now it's still not very good. I doubted and worried how I would understand people there, and how I would write in foreign language with native speakers!

But I decided to try...

I don't know what luck I faced when Linda @canadian-coconut upvoted my post for the 1st time.

I thank Heaven for meeting this woman here every day.


First of all she teached me not to be afraid to tell my opinion. At Golos I couldn't say that I was against vaccination or modern schools. Nobody supported it, I was crazy for them. Here I saw so many co-thinkers, so many wise thoughts and so much support!

I was blooming like a flower! I found the place where I was understood and supported!
I will never forget this feeling and tha day!
She has given me a ticket to this world. I believed in myself - and it's the most important.
And yes, I was just happy that my bad English was understood by people:))


Then I became a part of @familyprotection - the best community with the greatest mission, which was created by Mark and Linda.
It was my great honour and great pleasure to be a part of this huge "ship" that protected families and kids.

Then I found some great friends here who became so beloved by my heart. It's a great pity most of them left this place in some years...
and Nainaz @nainaztengra and Linda are the only friends who are with me from the beginning that's why I love them so much! <3

Later I met some other guys who help me now too, and I send my warmth to all of them, especially to @qwerrie and @smasssh

Great Hive communities have become my new sphere of interests, because there I can read so much new information and can share my own one.

I've made more than 6000 posts!
and I earned not much but rather good money for me which already helped me in my difficlut life situations. That's why my HivePower is so low now. But for now I amn't going to leave this place...

......why am I still here?

To tell you the truth, Hive and blogging has become a part of my life during these long and sometimes very hard 4 years. I haven't become a whale, I haven't become a superstar here (at least for now hehe;),

but I've got much more -


  • good friends who are tested by time, a place where I am understood and supported
  • a place-where I can study and develop all the time
  • a​ place-where I've got hope that I can be not only Mom but a person who is interesting for others
  • a place where I can earn some money!
    And you know, it gives so much inner power. All Moms and women who didn't earn for a long time and then started to do it will understand me;)
  • and actually...I'v got a place of dreams here! Cryptoworld and Hive potential is so promising that they can make all our dreams come true!

It's our own Eldorado....and I love it!


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