Renovation of the Church in the very center of the city

The Church of St. George in Smederevo is almost 2 centuries old. Construction began around 1850 and was completed in 1854. It is not known who exactly gave the money to build this beautiful church.

Since the church was built, it has been damaged twice, during the First World War, and during the great explosion in Smederevo in 1941, another great damage took place on the church.

Each time, its appearance was renewed as before. So even after many years, the facade of the church began to decline, the color with which the church was painted began to fade.

It was the turn of another renovation of this beautiful church, which is located in the very center of the city of Smederevo, on the square where a large number of people pass by every day.

(The next three photos are what the church looked like before the works began)

We do not know how long this renovation will last, but all the citizens of Smederevo are happy because the church will regain the old splendor that it once had.

This is also important for tourists who come to visit Smederevo, because in addition to the Smederevo Fortress, the royal court, the Mulberry Tree, which is over two centuries old, tourists also want to visit this huge church, which is also located in Smederevo.


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