SPinvest will now fund your token idea & help you to create it from start to finish

SPinvest is upping its funding game. Over the past few months, we have been accepting applications from users that are looking to create a HIVE tribe. There have been a few great ideas brought forth but most people were just winging it and had little idea of what they had to know, understand and the time it required. We did fund 1 tribe as the model was solid, the operator had plans in place to get the ball rolling and proved they were a person worth investing into.

The market for tribe creation is not next huge, there is a limited amount of users that will what to create a tribe and even fewer that would be capable of doing it right. With this in mind and also the price of HIVE going up, I think we can do better by creating a new service that we can add to our existing tribe funding.

The problem

  • Very small numbers of users will want to launch a tribe
  • Most dont have the basic knowledge required to configure tribe setting's
  • Lots of commitment and time required
  • Ongoing costs for operators
  • Price of HIVE is increasing and tribes cost 4200-5300 HIVE (BEE)

The solution - Pre-packaged tokens for sale

  • No knowledge required other than being able to do transactions and track an excel sheet
  • Smaller commitment and less time required to operate
  • No ongoing costs
  • Funding this is much cheaper for SPinvest and could be more fruitful all round

Creating a new HE token is fairly cheap, even miners but understand we are not really selling the funding here, we are selling my time and @amr08's time as he'll be heading setting up whatever code is needed. This funding is more targeted at someone that has a token idea but is overwhelmed by the thought of having to set something without making big mistakes. Creating HE tokens is nothing new to us and you'd be surprised at how simple it is to maintain a HE token and most often the simplest ideas are the best. If it was hard, could SPinvest have 5 tokens in 4 projects under its umbrella?

How would this work?
It can work in 2 ways. The first is people come to us with a token idea and I work with that person to fine-tune the idea and we get it set up and launched our second, we have a list of pre-made tokens that could be built off the shelve to put it simply.

Types of tokens/project you could operate

  • Income tokens for HIVE/LEO are any tribe
  • Stable token
  • Miners
  • Lotto's
  • NFT's
  • Index trackers
  • Reward tokens
  • Gamified
  • Community

There are tons more I can't think of but im sure you can. All of these ideas above can split into a hundred different things. Using the miners as an example.

1/ Sell miners, use funds to invest. Miners, mine reward tokens and dividends are paid to reward token holders
2/ Sell level 1 miner to mine level 2 miners than mine level 3 miners that mine a reward token. All monies from all miner sell is used to pay out high div's to reward token holders
3/ Sell miners that mine reward in a stable token based on the earnings created from miner sales

I could go on but time is short and you get the idea. If you have a rough idea of something, chances are we can come up with something simple that is easy for the operator and maintain.

Start to finish process
You share your idea and we'll work together to fine-tune it
We'll set up whatever you need and give you alls the keys (including master)
We'll give you a step by step on what you have to do each week
Then you launch your project

Some of you will have heard of the recent token launch of CUBLIFE (CL). This is a token that pools funds from token sales into CUBdefi and pays out a weekly dividend to the token holder in LEO every Friday evening. The tokens APY is 90% because farming is very profitable but how much work do you think that requires?

I can tell you that CUBLIFE took a few hours to set up over 2-3 days and about an hour a week to maintain. 1 weekly update post and about 8-10 BSC transactions, that's all there is to it and that model can be copied a thousand different times into different sorts of investments ranging from super risky defi farming to super safe stable token farming are even stocks/bonds, whatever.

Based on CUBLIFE earning 120 LEO to its operator this week, what would you value CUBLIFE at? Not bad for a token that officially launched 1 week ago and cost 200 HIVE to set up, right? You see how building and investing your time is the most profitable way to invest in HIVE?

Point is, I think anyone with 2-3 hours spare and an idea can create a project and the more projects there are the better. Look at SPI as an example, there's no rocket science involved, just solid models and a few dividend bots. If you have the passion but feel you cant do it, we'll show you it's easier than you think and the best way to invest into HIVE is to create something on HIVE.

If you are interested

Please write in the comments below about your idea are find me discord silverstackeruk#3236.

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