I see the future taking shape - Bitcoin as the singularity


The future will not be perfect, it will not be utopian, but it will be better than it is now for anyone who is ready for it. This paradigm shift will compound both the good and bad aspects of the internet and will provide us with whichever we are most aligned with.

The rich will get richer and so with anyone else who is paying attention. All boats will rise. Will it be fair? Probably not, but it will be better for everyone.

If we put in our best effort and don't fall ill to fear and depression, we will find ourselves with more freedom and prosperity than most of us could have imagined. If we allow hatred and anger and jealousy to run us, we may end up cancelled by the algorithms and downvotes and have an even harder time changing our position than we ever had before. BUT the bottom will rise. The lowest standards of living will be raised to a level that is better than the average person is living in today, the same way we all live better than the rich and powerful of thousands of years ago.

We are currently shedding old skin. It feels like our society is dying, but it's just transforming. It may feel like it's a bad thing, but it's just a natural progression. The exact details of all this are up to us and where we focus our attention. The things we don't like about this new world are not set in stone, and can change and adapt as our culture and ways of living change and new possibilities become accessible to us.

The future is clearly going to be more decentralized.

The most powerful among us will likely be exponentially more powerful and that will give us a feeling of injustice. But at the same time, they will be held much more accountable for their actions then ever before, and the masses ability to fork away from what they are doing will keep them on their best behavior. At the very least, they will have to do more good than harm, give sound reasoning for their actions, and will not be able to lie so shamelessly.

It may feel unfair when the technology forces us to change our lives and adapt, but the possibilities for opting out of certain systems and ways of life will also grow exponentially as people around the world are able to connect over shared values rather than just ancestry, ethnicity, spiritual beliefs and so on. Our pooled resources will lead to new ways of living, both inside and outside of the system. New cultures will evolve, and more variety than we can possibly imagine. Those who seek to live in harmony with others will be much better off. Those who seek to dominate may have successful runs, but they will likely fall apart in the end.

Gold 2.0 will not act exactly the same as Gold 1.0. Bitcoin will not replace national currencies or compete with them. It will stabilize them and make it easier for them to distribute themselves further and wider, and to flow, creating economic prosperity that is almost the polar opposite from the stagnation and collapse than most people are imagining right now.

The best I've heard it explained so far is in an interview I watched yesterday with Jeff Booth. I don't know much about him. I still don't know if I agree with his politics or values, I literally know nothing about him. I just know from this interview that he has his finger on the pulse of where this technology leads.

He focuses on the way technology seeks ways to bring down cost and make free things that used to cost money, while national economies rely on inflation to to support themselves and grow without end. He seems to argue that since technology is becoming incompatible with the inflationary model, governments will be forced to do away with it and collapse.

You can watch the interview here:

I am sure he is not the first to say such things, but when I heard him say it, after seeing all I've seen at Hive, with Bitcoin and around the world in the past few months, it finally clicked...

Bitcoin is a black hole that will eat up everything financial. It's not going to destroy them. It's going to become the support which keeps them from falling apart and which keeps them honest. It will become the standard.

We will still use dollars and yen and Hive and Libra and whatever other currencies are coming. Bitcoin will be the constant, the thing that we measure all other things by. It's not replacing the US dollar as the worlds most popular currency. It will much more likely become the foundation for the US dollar and all other currencies and assets in the future.

Inflation at higher rates may become the norm, but it will slow down as nations and different currencies learn how to adapt to this new paradigm, and find ways to create a competitive edge and stay relevant.

Is this new world more fair and more just? I really have no idea and still have many doubts but I know that this whole transformation will resemble the internet but be exponentially bigger. As much as people will complain about the bad it does, the good will surely outweigh the bad, and all of us will be better off because of it.

The most exciting thing about all of this for me is not the economic transformation itself, but rather the new way we will all start to see currency and money as fluid expressions of trust and value. A whole world that is more conscious of the things they support and the trust that they give can lead to all kinds of new things.

I can't wait.


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