Omni Social App - The Blockchain Competitor to Tiktok?

Came across this soon to be launched app called Omni. There tag line is it's not just an app, it's a mega-app!

Well, I do hope it lives up to that billing because I joined the wait list to make sure I got the scaredycatguide user name locked in.

Apparently you get a couple OMN coins when you refer people as well. So the project does have a token for us to possible earn it seems.

Feel free to sign up for the wait list with my referral link:

OMNI Social


It looks like it a video based app sort of like tiktok, which honestly is a great idea to replicate on the blockchain.

It does look like it is much more than that as it will allow for chat and other features.

I do hope it has success. They have their roadmap, white paper and other docs available on the site.

Taking a look through the roadmap they have checked off alot of the items as planned with 2020 and 2021 offering consistent progress. When looking at the plan there is still alot in store for 2021 and into 2020.

I look forward to getting my access when the actual app goes live.

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