Journey towards road to 10K CTP : 50% achieved

The journey started few months back for 10K CTP token is now 50% completed and I am happy with my journey till now.


I am now at 5070 CTP power,just more than 5K and with that I completed my goal 50%.

Something that just started about researching a community because I just got some free tokens in a giveaway become my goal to accumulate 10K CTP coin. I am hoping to reach 10K before the end of the year.

Let's see how my goal progress.

And friends if you are not still aware of CTP token or tribe I will just suggest you to hang some time there and explore it yourself.

If you guys remember my last post what does my vote value of 2 CTP signifies? then I will like to say again that with current stake, my vote value has increased to 2.2 CTP and Hive value also increased to from previous value of $.218 to now $.27.

So my vote value in increased to 3 cents now from previous value of 2 cents.

Wow 50% increase in my curation capacity within a month is amazing

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