Coinbase Partners With NBA and WNBA

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The Partnership

After watching some of the season openers around the NBA, it became apparent to me that I was seeing the name Coinbase just about everywhere.

As it would turn out, Coinbase and the NBA/WNBA signed an official partnership deal just a few days ago. Additionally, Coinbase secured a partnership with the NBA's 2k E-Sports league as well as team USA.

Coinbase logo's and advertisements will be displayed at matches for all of these mentioned partners and will continue to spread the word about cryptocurrency to the millions of people that watch.

The Implication

This partnership continue the trends that we are seeing all over the professional sports world of centralized exchanges partnering with teams and leagues. In the MLB we see a huge sponsorship from FTX, in the UFC we see everywhere and in soccer we see Binance sponsoring huge clubs like Lazio.

The NBA has been at the forefront of the crypto movement ever since we saw Top Shot come to the forefront of the news being an early player in the NFT craze. We will continue to see a shift that will reduce the barriers between the digital and sporting worlds and cryptocurrency is a perfect catalyst to power this movement.

I hope that good things will come from this partnership and look forward to seeing some cryptocurrency commercials instead of Caesars Sportsbook shouting out of the TV about their new app... But we'll see.

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