Why is Leofinance superior in information

Why is Leofinance superior in information



I'm making this post because today I had a little more time than usual to myself, and I realised how much Leofinance has actually become part of my life and my daily routine.

I asked myself why I always choose Leofinance for my information among all the possibilities and the little time I have available, what are in my opinion its strengths and features that make it a project superior to others where I can find information in the world of cryptocurrency.

These are the answers I gave myself.

Have you ever thought about the fact that everything you find written is there solely because of the work of the users who invest their time in writing articles, editing them and the language to make them public and available to everyone else regardless of how much they will be rewarded.

Objective and Subjective are mixed without ever clashing, I can learn a lot about a project thanks to the data presented in a post and I can compare what is the thought of the author and those who interact with it.

An example of this is perfectly represented by @edicted in these two posts about cakepop's IDO a fortnight ago.



Leofinance doesn't make my life easy and doesn't give me the answers, but it often enriches me with more questions.
And I like this very much because it is real.

In the case given as an example there was no answer, only data fighting against data and the author himself overturning his own thinking.

In other platforms I always find simple answers to my questions, too simple, too good to be true, too biased and in enthusiastic tones.

I find Leofinance superior to everything else because it is more real, any content stays on the blockchain and anyone can have a say.

Because there are no sponsors, and because you don't have to be enthusiastic or bullshit.

Because you can say anything and everything without any problems.

Leofinance provides me with news, food for thought, user experience and information in the most decentralised way possible, because it is we users who are decentralised.

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