Random thoughts on CUB marketing

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I'm usually better at preparing posts, but lately I hardly have time to breathe, but I wanted to have my say on a topic that I believe is of fundamental importance

I think the IDOs are perhaps one of the best things made and developed in recent months, and I think they can only benefit CUB owners.

  • They increase the use cases of CUBs
  • Increase burning by decreasing inflation
  • Increase marketing and awareness of CUB and consequently the user base.
    and a thousand other advantages

From my point of view CUB is a wonderful project and what has been done so far is incredible, in these months I have had a lot of commitments in the real world but I have continued to follow the developments every day and I have continued to increase my positions.

From my point of view the work done has been amazing, but I think there is still one aspect that needs to be improved, and I know I'm a pain in the ass, but it's the marketing.

Today I looked at the number of subscribers and views of the AMA.
We don't even have 1,000 subscribers on the YouTube channel, and the views often don't reach 150.

Probably a large part of the audience (myself included very often) is waiting for a post written by leofinance or some user explaining everything that has been said, but the readers are always people linked and connected to the community.

I think one of our biggest problems is that a user who doesn't know us has very little chance of discovering us. The IDOs will certainly be a very strong boost, as will all the initiatives promoted by our users, which I appreciate enormously, but from my point of view they are still not enough to express the potential that CUB has.

I think a good idea would be not to wait to be discovered but to be us to be discovered, perhaps spending a few thousand dollars to make some video where everything is explained by some successful youtuber in the crypto world, which will be seen by the infinite and heterogeneous users present in the crypto world, from the neophyte, to the Boomer, to the expert user, I think it would be difficult for a youtuber to refuse a collaboration where he is given a few hundred dollars of CUB just to expose our project.

I myself would gladly donate a small commission from my CUB proceeds to sponsor marketing, and I believe many other users

People, even successful ones make videos for airdrops of shitcoin where they earn maybe $10.

And these videos are seen by tens of thousands of people, maybe only 5,000 participate, and maybe only 500 delve into the project, and maybe only 100 are really interested, it doesn't matter, it's still 100 more users coming from a different ecosystem than ours, which has to be multiplied by the number of collaborations.

I've never liked the speech that was still made in the days when we were just a clone of other realities, where it was said that it made little sense to do marketing because we had nothing different.

In DeFi I see an infinite number of clones but some are having incredible success and others are declining, while offering the same product, and the difference is all in the marketing.

I also believe that today CUB has a unique shape and has become a project unlike any other,and I believe it is right that the world discover us.

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