How to Convert Swap Hive to Hive

This small guide can be useful to make an overview of the services offered to make the conversion from hive to swap.hive and vice versa, let's not waste more time and start :)


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Leodex is a wonderful project of Leofinance, with a platform with a user interface much higher than the classic hive engine, but the really great part and that I personally use a lot is the ability to convert my swap.hive in hive and vice versa with a commission of only 0.25%! in short, a great service at a price given!

To be able to convert your swap.hive just send the amount you want to convert to the address of leodex

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Once sent you will see the Hive arrive in your wallet easy no?

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Strong points

  • Convenience
  • Quickness
  • security
  • Low commissions
  • Leo Finance community support


  • Sometimes the amount of hive is not enough for transactions and you have to wait, you can check the availability of Hive by looking inside the wallet of Leodex.


A service very similar to that offered by Leodex but with a site in a design more in retrogaming style, also supports the swap against steem as well as only hive, the commission remains 0.25% so very convenient, also has the advantage of showing in the homepage the liquidity available, the withdrawal is very simple to make.

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Click here for the link

As before, the hive arrives in a very short time in your wallet.

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Strong points

  • Convenience
  • Speed of use
  • security
  • Low commissions
  • Immediately visible liquidity


  • Sometimes even in this case the availability of hive may not be sufficient

Hive Engine

It is inserted for completeness even if most likely all users know it, in this case the commission is 4 times higher than the competitors then 1%, its great advantage is the availability that is virtually unlimited and will always be able to make the conversion in case the competitors do not have liquidity.

The conversion in this case is very simply through the withdrawal function, even in this case you will find what you have converted directly into your wallet :)

Screenshot (102).png

Strong points

  • Convenience
  • Quickness
  • security
  • Always able to make the conversion


  • Commissions much higher than competitors

I hope this little guide has helped you :)

And what do you use to make conversions?
Did you know all these services?
Do you know other services that you would like to recommend?
If you wish, let me know in the comments :)

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