Do i have to be a millionaire to earn $1000 passively?

Do i have to be a millionaire to earn $1000 passively?


The answer is no.

The technological evolution in blockchain is so fast that you digest the data so quickly that you don't realise how fucking incredible it is.

Up until a few years ago the most you could hope for in this universe was based strictly on market trends but for a while now this has been completely revolutionised.

Today I was adding up my income and I was fucking surprised.

With a staking at this time of bottom worth only 5465 USD in the Farm on CUB finance I get a total of:

Screenshot 315.png

Adding up what I get from my staking on Splinterlands worth about 2000 USD I get a total of:

Screenshot 317.png
Doing a trivial sum it turns out that my monthly return just by keeping my positions still from a total value of about 8000 USD at the current price is 1179.18 USD per month just for my Holding.

This is absolutely absurd.

Basically my Staking is a super productive family member who has no expenses and fills the coffers with dollars working for me.

Obviously the values can change, the APRs can change and also the value of the Tokens, but they can do it both downwards and upwards.

So we've come to a point where if you consciously choose where to put your money, it will produce more money for you and stay put and unencumbered, and that's fucking fantastic.

How things will turn out in the future we don't know, but even if they were to stay that way, well that would be something incredibly absurd and unthinkable a few years ago.

And even though this system seems almost taken for granted by now, sometimes it is necessary to stop and realise how revolutionary it is and how it has the potential to radically change the world as it is conceived.

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