Hint: All Ships Have Been Sunk

Most of us have played or heard of the game Battle Ship.

Let me introduce you to Battle-Hive.


I use to run this giveaway frequently with a much larger grid but for the time being we will be using a small grid making it easier to find my ships in which contain prizes. I may go back to the bigger grid with bigger prizes in the future but that depends on how popular this giveaway becomes.

Prizes Hidden In My Ships

⛵️ One SPS Token
⛵️ One SPS Token
⛵️ One SPS Token
⛵️ One SPS Token
⛵️ Ammunition (Fire two more shots)

What is SPS?

SPS is the governance token for the game Splinterlands. Currently SPS can be staked to earn even more SPS. This token can be purchased on exchanges such as Hive-Engine or can be earned in a year long airdrop. To be included in the airdrop one must hold Splinterlands assests. To learn more about the airdrop visit-->


  • One shot a day
  • You can win multiple times
  • Contest ends on the 6th day of post creation
  • Prizes are giving out in sequence in which they are listed
    (Bottom to top)
  • My ships only need to be hit once to be sunk
  • Sink one and win a prize

I check shots fired once a day. Any shots fired after the date of 9/17/2021 will not be counted. If I notice you have two shots fired for the same day I will count your first shot and void your second shot. Example: Don't fire two shots on the same date. If you fire a shot on 9/11/2021 wait until 9/12/2021 before you fire another.

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Example On How To Play

@splinterlands fires a shot via picking the letter A + number 1 and entering them via the comment section. My ship is not located on A-1 so @rentmoney will then type MISS under your entry. If you pick the right grid number I will then type hit under your comment and award you the prize located under that grid number.


Pay attention to the other entries to make sure you don't pick a grid number that was already chosen as there is no do overs in war !

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is an online blockchain game built on the Hive Network. It utilizes NFT's for game play. These NFT's and other in game assets are tradable and have real monetary value. Click here to play or to invest in Splinterlands today.


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