Today|| i will shared my experience and how to work on hive blockchain in leoFinance

Hello everyone how are you i hope you you are are you today i will talk about the hive blog. How to work on hive blog. Hive blog is blockchain paltform many of peoples work hive platform and earn rewards and hive dollar.


Hive paltform is very awesome plate in this paltform peoples writing his own original content and articles and earn this articles first of all in hive platform peoples write his own introduction posts.


Secondly many of the communites are present in hive such as cryptocurrency community food community photography community etc . Some peoples write articles in photography community and some are write write articles in foods and these articles who written by peoples admins of this community give vote on these peoples articles and earn hive dollars due to these votes.


I last i shared very important thing about hive. Hive didn’t accept copyright content some peoples use copyright content due to this hive curators of hive didn’t give vote to these peoplee articles and these peoples didn’t earn rewards from this blockchain who use copyright content

I request these peoples who use copyright content plz use original content and earn rewards on this blockchain.

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