TIME is the easy answer to this overwhelming question. Nonetheless apart from the time it will take to get there, other satisfying data will be put in place to reach that threshold. Eventually we are gradually moving toward $10 to $20 trillion for crypto world. Do not expect this number to come in 2022. It needs maturity and character to achieve this feat.


It is hard to ignore the nature imposed by gold. Yes it is heavy. Hard to move around. It remains the easiest and controllable asset ever exist. Because of that privilege, #Gold will nurture around to slow the growth of crypto. The total of value gold in the world, on the ground, above ground sit at 223,300 tonnes. Some say it is way more than that number around 2,3 million tonnes. Exactly there are no definite number to tell how much Gold we have on earth.

As you can see, Gold has found a way to be tokenized. I do not know if this avenue will propel to the gold digger. Few folks with light pocket do not see Gold as a way for investment even though it is a great friend during inflation time. The market value of Gold itself is at $12 trillion when you consider one ounce of Gold is at $1753. Crypto will have to start knocking the value of Gold down a little for a fair match to start.

It is on the making as more institutions are looking for a way to get more in returns. Having crypto like BTC as an asset class is a beginning. When you look at the market, there need to be a sense of regularity in order for huge funds to come onboard. No crazy losses could come while we are reaching the couple trillions valuation. You can be sure while you navigating the crypto market, you will be ready to pay your due as your pocket start to grow.

It is just the law of nature, everything comes to you at once you need to sort out and do the right thing. Looking at the Forex market moving more than $6 trillion daily, got to be some sort of order to make it stable for everyone.
The volatility factor in crypto is due to too many novices in the sphere looking for a quick bucks. As more experienced mind enter crypto, it will be more stable and volatility will wind down to acceptable ground.
Even Forex has crazy swing from time to time. I think it is a way to shake weak hands and keep the party moving.


Each individual can make the drastic change to bring crypto to the masses. This is how it all started. Time will come where people will feel comfortable to do business with each other in crypto.
Can you believe you go to a restaurant and they accept #HBD. Even if you do not have enough, you can change your Hive for HBD instantly and make your purchase. Having enough HBD in liquid is a booster to increase the market volume.

Usually money in crypto needs to stay in crypto. No need to go back to fiat. Alone this trend with the help of DEFI will increase the market of crypto. DEFI alone is like the branch that will change how people use crypto going forward. NFT has its say. I do have a glimpse of the crazy NFT market. It does come back to life time from time.


This is where the train will come. Focus on BTC and #Ethereum is one thing to consider. So many altcoins show promising data. No need to go dig through most all the altcoins, the top 100 speak volume for a moment. When you go from other pages top 100 through 300 so many tokens that can help a specific area

@josediccus post about the million Hive is having a round by itself. If you knew Hive will hit 75 cent to a dollar lately, having one million did cost around $150k then. It is just momentum shifting with crypto. Time is the main barrier to reach that number. Inflation will make it happen quicker.
When you consider the usual: fast way to transact, cheap way to send and receive, easily verified through blockchain, decentralized, no middleman, community driven, crypto has a clear destination: stars. I think we are about to pass the moon in 2021. I think you could have some great clues as of how to get there with crypto.
Be waiting. Keep vesting.

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