Our most important currency!

Until science can bless us with eternal life, time is still our most valuable currency! I bet this post will have you spend your evening thinking philosophically!


You should take a minute to think about how valuable your time is. I often ask myself how much money do I get from my job? It’s after all, a good start but it does not necessarily need to be the final answer, but it is a good question to ask when deciding how valuable your time is. Whatever you come up with you will manage to set a number for your time.

It is really true that time is money, and vice versa. Imagine for a second that you sort your activities in life into two groups. The first group consists of activities you MUST do. The second group consists of activities you WANT to do. Everyone who is not born sugar-rich strives for large parts of life to get as much time as possible for the latter - that is, time to do what they want. In the pursuit of this freedom, we invest time in work, duties, and tasks. We give time to win time!

If you are rich, you can spend less time on activities you do not like. Money thus gives us freedom.

When you save money, you usually measure your savings in US Dollars or cryptocurrency. But all this money or crypto will sooner or later be exchanged for time - time to do what you WANT to do. Maybe you can retire earlier? Maybe you can make time to drive in a gorgeous Tesla? Maybe you can travel somewhere? Or maybe you can give your hard-earned money to someone you like, and thus give them more freedom over their own time (would not suggest that if you do not have your freedom yourself).

Whatever we exactly like and dislike is individual. What some people like to pay others to do may be someone else's hobby - an activity they try to find free time for. Many are so lucky that they have a job they like and find enriching beyond the pecuniary. That's a good deal! But with such a job, you still have a number of duties you do not look forward to. It can be housework or filling out the tax return. There are many who are happy to do these tasks in exchange for money, after which you get more time to do what you WANT. This depends entirely on how you value your free time or how happy you are in your free time.

"There are no pockets in the silk shirt," Grandpa used to say. Meaning, you can not take money with you to the grave, but you can not take time with you either. Appreciate the time you have. It can be exchanged for money, but make sure that the exchange rate is in your favor 😉


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