CUB finance is listed on - We need your help! Prizes on offer!

Its with great excitement, that I can announce that CUB finance is listed on

You can check it out here


Cub is ranked number 71 on BSC

You can that CUB is ranked 71 from a volume perspective on the BSC chain. Lets pump up the volumes to try to increase its rank

You will also notice there are other measures too, like number of users, and social signal.

As we are just listed our social score is 0, but I am sure with such a great community here on LEO finance we can increase that score by pumping it up on twitter, youtube, reddit, and a whole bunch of other social platforms.

We need your help - Earn rewards $$$

Follows and likes

Please log into and follow and like Cub finance. Every one that takes a screenshot and comments below will get an upvote from me, and hopefully if there are any LEO whales out there, they will upvote you too.



We also need some reviews, so far there are none, we would really like some good reviews and I am guessing 5 stars would be the right rating!

For everyone that writes are review that I think positively contributes to CUB, you will receive a reward including

  1. An upvote from me
  2. 10 LEO tokens for The first 5 reviews
  3. 1 Hive for the first 10 reviews

Tweets and other social media

Anyone that promotes CUB's listing on dapp through social media will receive an upvote from me

You can share on facebook and twitter from the dapp by clicking on share, but feel free to promote it how you like, suggest using #dapp_com, so we can show how big this community is.

just show in a screenshot in the comments below

Lets get that social score pumping!

Currently we are last on the social score so lets see how much we can get this pumping! could be our opportunity to bring in some new members so lets all get behind this!

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