Earlier today I was trying to figure out how many times I have been to the bank this year for personal reasons. The only time I can think of was in February and that was to retrieve my debit card.

These days we have bank apps, debit cards, cryptocurrency, etc. The need for bankers or physical banking services has drastically reduced over the years. We don't even need to deal with the banks directly as there are alternative payment platforms that offer you virtual services for your daily transactions.

On the 1st of October, the Central bank of Nigeria will launch its coin, the e-naira, which they will have absolute control over. There is the fear that this move might take the banks out of the picture which at this point is inevitable (even without the government initiative).

So I find it quite perplexing to discover that a lot of people are still spending a lot of money on tuition fees to become bankers. Now, I am not saying that bankers will not be needed in the nearest future, far from that. However, the demand for bankers will slowly reduce.

It is quite unfortunate that most universities in this part of the world aren't preparing their students for the future. The last time most federal universities reviewed their curriculum was in the 1900s which is quite worrisome.

So basically, people are being equipped with old tools for the future. Also, many young people still believe that a college degree is a ticket to a better life but they've been disappointed.

I know colleagues from uni who are still looking for a job. They are probably in a worse state than they were while in uni. The labour market is saturated and it has donned on many that there are no jobs.

It is quite unfortunate that even when I try to introduce these sets of people to cryptocurrency (or Hive) they resist. They would rather stay hopeful over a nonexistent job than try something new. For me, this is all I need to know that they are not ready for the future.

I graduated 2 years ago with a degree in insurance but I am yet to practise. Chances are I will never practise. My interests have taken me on a different path which has not only been fulfilling but also revealing.

I have been opened to a new world of opportunities. It is unimaginable to think or do anything else. I have also learnt new skills and interacted with people across the globe which has broadened my horizon.

It is no news that the world around us is changing and at an alarming rate. However, many are still hell-bent on thinking the same in terms of scarcity of holding on to their archaic outlook on life.

Those who aren't preparing for the future will suffer. This is a harsh truth but it is the truth nevertheless. I know and understand the fear that comes with being innovative and trying out new things but it is the safest bet for the future.

If I was told a decade ago that I would be making a living sharing my thoughts and opinions, all from the comfort of my home, I would have doubted completely. But this is my reality and that of thousands of people across the globe.

The future is nothing like we expect. Thus, we need to pay attention to the changes around us to make the right bets. A lot of our lives depend on making the right call. What are you betting on?

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