Why I'm buying up Bitcoin Cash and Monero.

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Why the buy?

Lately I've been going through coins trying to find what might still be lacking in value. Given the big bullish market, it's hard to really say since a lot of coins are continually hitting new all time highs are are encroaching on previously held ATH.

This brought me to BCH and XMR. BCH had some big gains today. But, if you look at it's price history, there's still a lot of potential for price increases and not much in the way of historical resistance after 1.5k.

The same can be said for XMR and the $350 and $530 marks respectively taking a brief look at the chart below.

Screen Shot 20210416 at 2.22.09 PM.png

Another thing is that both of these coins are used quite a bit. BCH has it's little apps like Noise.cash and others, low tx fees, etc. XMR has basically the entire dark web and is the champion of privacy coins.

I don't see either of these going away anytime soon. Certainly I'd consider gains in these two more warranted than DOGE (Love the meme, but sorry I won't buy it).

I'm curious to know, what are your picks given the current market and why?

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