Tezos weekly chart looks amazing, and other Tezos tokens! Don't sleep on them!


Take a look at the Tezos weekly chart. We are just now getting back into positive momentum on the MACD after creating some bullish divergence on both the MACD and RSI!

I've been bullish on Tezos for quite awhile. The price action has been subpar compared to other major tokens. But, the development and growth on the Tezos ecosystem is steadily increasing. Contract calls are setting records every month. DeFi platforms are gaining momentum, NFTs are starting to as well.

Let's take a look at the newly released QuipuSwap governance token on Tezos. Similar to Uniswap of the Tezos ecosystem (without those disgusting fees of ETH).


This token is very new and was just recently airdropped. But, the supply is low and Quipu is the top swap service in the XTZ ecosystem. I've been stocking up while I can.

Another token to check out is PLENTY. Plenty is a defi platform I've written about in the past. Similar to others like SushiSwap, CubFinance, etc. https://plentydefi.com/. They also just recently released a new UI, have surpassed $50 million in TVL, and are poised for a lot more growth.

Any other Tezos fans over here on Hive/Leo?

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