ShapeShift FOX airdrop $150-$7000 worth of FOX!

ShapeShift has started their FOX airdrop and users will have 90 days to claim their tokens. Depending on the parameters, you can earn between 200-8500 FOX from this airdrop ($150-$7500).

I was on the lower side and received 250 FOX. I claimed them today and gas fees were quite high. If you do claim them on a higher than usual gas fee day, be sure to lower the GWEI on the tx if you don't mind it taking a bit longer to save a couple bucks.

Below are the eligibility requirements for the airdrop:

Eligible recipients

Over 900,000 ShapeShift customers and KeepKey owners
Every customer who has ever traded $1 or more of ETH or any ERC-20 token through ShapeShift prior to June 9, 2021 is eligible:

  • 1-4 trades: Receive 200 FOX
  • 5-9 trades: Receive 350 FOX
  • 10-24 trades: Receive 750 FOX
  • 25-99 trades: Receive 1,500 FOX
  • 100+ trades: Receive 8,500 FOX

Every customer with a wallet registered with ShapeShift holding crypto as of June 9, 2021:

  • Receive 250 FOX

Every KeepKey customer who connected their KeepKey with ShapeShift as of June 9 2021:

  • Receive 900 FOX

THORChain traders of ETH/ERC-20 assets and those who upgraded ETH.RUNE for Native RUNE as of June 16th at 2 p.m. MST:

  • 500 FOX
  • RUNE ERC-20 token holders as of June 9th:
  • 350 FOX

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